Parkland high school shooting: suspect in custody, senator says 'many dead'


Well buckle up because things are about to change. You been watching the outrage in Parkland? Have you seen these mothers YELLING at the TIC who’s own son is safe and sound, calling Baron our by name. Have you seen these mothers yelling at the do nothing congress to get off their asses and do something. action, Action, ACTION they’re yelling at the TV!!!


Like Republican David Jolly said, the GOP will do nothing, he’s telling America to “flip the congress in November”!!!


you scumbags always want to do something, while never actually doing anything that helps. You want more stupid laws that so nothing. Here is what you want.

The government has already provided you with a gun free school zone so no shooting can happen in school. That should be enough for you, as well as the law the government has provided for you making murder illegal so no murders can happen.


Hunting rifles and home defense handguns are all you need, and that day is coming.


I sit in the heartland where we learned to study a subject do our own research and draw a conclusion !
What I know is that rifles are used in less then 10% of all crimes .
The last numbers on shooting show that less then 100 people are killed by rifles annually .
Crime and shooting are in decline and have been for decades .
You like all the MSM are frothing over this tragedy that no law could have prevented !
The fact that everyone on the left knows the truth will just drive fire owners to the polls for the mid terms .


And AR-15’s are largely the weapon of choice for deranged white US citizens that get off on preying on innocent children in our schools year in and year out committing MASS MURDER of our innocent children, and you people want the deranged to have continued access to them. That’s SICK!!!


You’re an idiot.



Got to hand it to you . You got almost all the button words AR-15’s deranged white preying on innocent children MASS MURDER . But it is all meaningless prattle !


And like most wingers, you can’t debate with any civility. Have fun talking to yourself.


Unlike you who has no debating skills at all… :joy::joy::joy::joy:


You are the one pushing anti-white rhetoric which is racist. You also are pushing wrong information…not facts. Since you don’t know the facts, and are a racist, I’ve determined that the root cause is idiocy. Prove me wrong.


Smart. Post statistics from left wing outlets. Shuts them down every time.


And we know who does most of the killings with handguns…don’t we.


Yes, let’s use your posts as a way to measure civility.


Indeed. Where can you quote me calling another poster names. That’s what YOU people do, shrug.


The fat ass psychopath in the White House owns the Parkland school shooting. And the shooter proudly displayed his photo on Instagram wearing his bright red MAGA hat.


Republicans do not care how many children get murdered at school so long as they can hang on to their gawd damn AR-15’s!!!


Be careful or those will be taken away from you too! It happened in Australia, it can happen here.


That account has not been confirmed as his. Cruz’s actual Insta account was taken down within minutes of his capture.


Two Instagram accounts that classmates said belonged to Mr. Cruz were filled with images of weaponry, as well as the hats and bandannas he liked to wear to school.