Parkland high school shooting: suspect in custody, senator says 'many dead'


Really? Accept these ones,

“I see the Democrat’s for what they are”


Killer in a Trump hat: Shirtless Florida gunman does backyard target practice wearing one of the President’s Make America Great Again baseball caps before murdering 17 children in school massacre

A TIC supporter. This is what Trump is inspiring.


Bravo, you hit an all time low even for you.


Same thing with republicans. Time to face the music.


You can still care about the deluded… some are really sad cases … some are functioning at a very low level… and some as much as I dislike her comments don’t realize just how luck she is to have escaped the destiny she wishes on others. Of course these are the kind of people who have shaped our society over the last 100 years and gave us the relative moral compass that seems to be guiding western civilization right over a cliff…

Just because you can see someone for the lost individual or group that they are, doesn’t mean that you disown them or discard them as just so much trash in your lives… You try to reorient their though process but I must admit the group who actually cares so little about human life is a hard nut to crack…


oh boy he has a trump hat, must be a trump supporter

kid is 17, cant even vote. Guns were not the only thing edgy on his profiles / lives


And she’s 100% correct.

And we wouldn’t have her comment if she were aborted.


How about criticize the FBI for dropping the ball on a tip in January. Trump is doing all he can. One headline today was Trump makes school shooting about him when visiting Parkland,FL. I did not see it so won’t say. But so tired of the gun whining. This is mental illness and all know it. The left is like a sorry broken record already. Not the gun at all. It’s the person holding the gun. They never get that.


It is indeed mental illness but it is far from being an isolated condition… America seems to have a psychosis and a real lack of moral value… both of them were given to us by some progressive Freudian delusion.


One has to wonder why any doctor would give young men drugs that would cause such violent behavior. Several done years ago the same thing.


There is nothing more immoral than endless gratuitous war that kills hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians and WASTES 7 trillion dollars and republicans can never get enough of it. In fact, they spent the first Trump year handwriting and LYING about how we haven’t given the Pentagon enough money, and just a couple weeks ago threw an extra 150 Billion their way, paid for by growing deficits and expanding national debt. The hypocrite in chief.


Public schooling. Its an easy fix instead of actually working with the individuals. Lazy parents buy into this miracle ADHD drugs also, since it promises better school performance and desirable behavioral changes. Of course, the side effects are rarely mentioned in these meetings, for example drug-induced apathy, chemical imbalances in the growing teenage brains that causes shrinking brain mass, depression and paranoid schizophrenia in the long term etc…


Chatter, chatter, chatter… there isn’t a democracy spreading, arm twisting conflict that Democrats haven’t been quite happy to stick their oar in… the republicans that seem to support those ‘gratuitous wars’ are also the same ones who supported democrats block Obamacare repeal and are in lockstep with democrats on unlimited immigration… Those neocons are Trotskyites of the democratic party…

P.S. Their is of course a difference between properly funding and building a military and extricating ourselves from our involvements around the world… involvements that are being pushed by the very same people you are glad to see around Trump… because he is the ‘unhinged one’.


How would that be???


Trump can do nothing.

Congress makes law in this country unless of course your Barack Obama and have a magic pen and phone.


I have worked in schools and witnessed these drugged kids. It is so very sad, many other ways to deal wth aDHD but no one tries them. Also, young men seem to be at an age when these are very harmful, yet parents are not told of side effects.



I think we all know who is pulling the strings on the exploitation of these children !


Children now and men and women when you want them to go die in your bullshit wars. Grown ups when you want them to be able to buy AR15 assault rifles with high capacity magazines designed for the battle field. Another hypocritical day at freebird.

On the stations that have been covering the Parkland shooting, the organizers of Stand Up have been vocal since day one on this and they are the students that aren’t going to put up with a NRA paralyzed do NOTHING congress any longer.

It’s going to be REAL this time.


Pay attention.