Parkland high school shooting: suspect in custody, senator says 'many dead'


The students are stepping up while the adults are paralyzed by the NRA.


That’s being done as well, and I believe the AG has ordered an investigation into it.


Yep, it’s going to grow legs this time.


That’s right the libs have pushed children to the front in there bullshit anti gun rhetoric !
The facts are clear and if those children were exposed the the truth they would be marching to demand building security not another feel good law that does nothing to insure their safety while at school !


Children for this purpose, adults when you want them to have access to military application weapons and die for your bullshit wars.


Perhaps we should find out if the Russians are behind it… I wonder if the contacted Moore to be a keynote speaker. You want to neuter the 2nd amendment, do it the right way… if you can.


Well you can blame all the wars on everyone but your progressive self but your quest for globalization is little more than tacit approval of the ‘spread of democracy’… besides a good many of these ‘children’ find going into the military an option that can’t be filled by illegals, the were already robbed of job experience… and … at the end of the day it is a voluntary choice…

Don’t blame everyone else when your own twisted positions set up the conditions for the ever expanding need for taxes and the quest for the ultimate one world governance…


The bullshit here is coming from the libs !
You all refuse to debate facts and insist on using these unfortunate brain washed children to front your flawed agenda !


And no one wants to talk about the 15 million AR 15’s held by citizens today. No one wants to talk about the 300 million rifles/handguns in the US today.

Gun laws???

What will they do for the 300 million guns in America today?

Should we have the FBI snicker do a house by house search???


They are children for you when that’s expedient and adults when you want them to be able to walk into a gun store and purchase a military application weapon, or die in one of your bullshit wars.


Latest Quiniapic Poll has 66% of Americans supporting stricter gun laws, and 97% support tighter gun background checks. Congress WILL do the right thing or they’ll be sent home.

Of course the hypocrite in chief was for AR gun bans before he was against them. Now it’s down to who’s got him by the testies tightest, the NRA or Mueller?? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


What fact are you disputing ?
Are you telling me those children rented those buses who is paying for those buses ?
This is just another dog and pony show put on by the left for the M.S.M this time using brain washed children !


As for the high school students headed to Tallahassee, I hope Americans across the country contribute resources to help them in their quest to force legislators to ban AR weaponry.


What facts are you disputing !
I know your agenda but what what facts are you disputing !
Just as I thought . Yawn


I already told you that I’m not disputing any facts, just your admitted to opinion.


So what of the TIC using his pen to create law (I know he criticized Obama for this but we’ll overlook that presently) banning bump stocks? You going to get behind this?? Or be like others here that are teaching members how to circumvent Trumps order. So much for the party of law and order.


The bump stock has been reviewed by A.T.F and it was discovered that the stock not being part of a fire arm but an accessory and that congress need to take action !
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms had already claimed the accessory was “not regulated as a firearm under Gun Control Act or the National Firearms Act,” according to a June 2010 letter to Slide Fire, one of the leading manufacturers of bump-fire stocks.
So how could they admit to making a mistake that may have played a part in killing 53 people . In true Washington style like Pontius Pilate they washed their hands and said no my job man !


That’s all irrelevant as Trump just made it illegal. How do you feel about that?


It is indeed a regressive sign of this Administration. Regardless of whether you like his ‘leadership’ or not he has pushed much executive action back to congress where it rightly belongs. ATF made it clear that regardless of how people felt about the bumpstock, they had no power to oversee its use as it was not part of a firearm. If ATF has no jurisdiction as created by congress, who then does? He most certainly should do as he has in the past and publicly pressed congress to act but I suspect that this action was to take the wind out of the ‘Ban the AR15 Brigade’…


This entire ‘movement’ appears to be orchestrated by Soros and his money… ‘Spokes children’ appear to be well coached and impressionable kids are even being ‘guided’ by teachers. The disarmament brigade has been waiting for a school indecent to happen since they could get no traction in Las Vegas. It has been said a thousand time that the mission is to disarm America. People like you will say ‘no it is not’ but far to many comments are made to make me believe otherwise… While the indoctrination of Americas youth is not a new thing for the progressive movement, they have reached a new low in using kids for this purpose.

I have long said that forcing a child in school to say the pledge of allegiance long before they even understand the meaning of the word allegiance is wrong but the left have never had a problem using kids for their nefarious social reordering…

I just found an interesting development in the search engine business. Their use to be lots of pictures of pro-choice protesters using young girls to carry placards with messages like ‘My Body’… etc. It would appear that while their are still plenty of pro-life pictures of that nature, the used of children for abortion rights seems to have been scrubbed. Interesting that…