Parkland high school shooting: suspect in custody, senator says 'many dead'


How fucking surprising is that ? I post facts and you choose to ignore them and re post post trash I mean your flawed option ! Yawn you are predictable and boring ! Yawn !!!


Perhaps this is just a way to build the coffers of the broke DNC. The second that something happens, they immediately buy firearms stocks and start waving the BAN placard… after a week or so, they sell and the subject goes moot until the next time.


Chicago public schools haven’t had a mass shooting !
Security is the reason one of the most deadly city’s in the nation with massive poverty and huge gun problems seem a place ripe for shooting !


A second children’s crusade with one big difference most adults including the pope told the children to stay home in 1212 ! Today children are pawns of the left aware only what the left has chosen teach them !


You like what he did so he’s not the fat tic.

Your uninformed as to what an AR15 is and that 15 million exist in the US today and growing. The were not purchased for home defense or for mass shootings.

You pretend to be the expert in firearms and spew trash and make it up as you go along.

You contend that “no one goes hunting with an assault rifle” have betrayed the fact that YOU are not a hunter, or, if you are a hunter, your decades out of date. The modular nature of the AR-15 makes it easily adaptable for a variety of hunts in numerous calibers. Short-barreled AR-15s in .450 Bushmaster or 7.62x39 have become the number-one choice for Southern hog-hunters. Western prairie dog-hunters can install a 26" “varmint” barrel in .204 Ruger or .223 Remington for unparalleled long-distance accuracy. And calibers such as .223, .300 Blackout, and 6.8 SPC are perfect for Texas deer or medium-sized eastern whitetails. The AR-15 platform is so ideally suited for hunting that in 2015, Remington, the oldest maker of sporting arms in the U.S., discontinued its inferior 7400/750 series of semi-automatics after sixty years in production. The only semi-autos it manufactures for the hunting market today are AR platforms.


Federalist #10, James Madison warned us about the tyranny of the majority, in which a faction “united … by some common impulse of passion … adverse to the rights of other citizens” vies for power and control.

That is exactly what we are seeing today, with emotionally charged teenagers, skillfully manipulated and amplified by the liberal media, braying for a majority of the public to acquiesce to the abridgment of the gun rights of the sane and the decent.

Calling for an end as one girl tearfully wanted an end to the insult rifle.



Perhaps they should have briefed them on what to say as the insult rifle is a bit over the top in tears.


It’s hard to look at the slaughter of our children in a schoolyard, but we are still willing to kill them by the thousands in an abortion clinic.
It’s horrifying to see the damage wrought by social media, but we don’t have the stomach to face down our spoiled children and deny them access.
It makes us sick to see the sexualization of our young children, but we’re too spoiled ourselves to limit our own indulgence in nearly pornographic television.
We don’t seem to have the national backbone to admit our part in the destruction of our offspring.
And then they are sensationalized by the left and media.



Yep, That is exactly what we are seeing today, with emotionally charged teenagers, skillfully manipulated and amplified by the liberal media, braying for a majority of the public to acquiesce to the abridgment of the gun rights of the sane and the decent.


The mayor of Tallahassee will lead the March!!! A lot of local support for these students. Looks like federally they’re paralyzed. Maybe this needs to be dealt with very locally. Of course governor Scott declined the invitation to attend. Hundreds of students walking out of high schools in a show of solidarity.


We all see this for what it is ! A desperate at attempt to rally the support for a failed political party with nothing to run on in 2018 and no one to move forward with in 2020 !
Nancy and Chuck the two most unpopular politicians in the nation using children in need of protection given talking points and thrown on the altar of the democratic party sheep to the slaughterhouse !


This is Florida and has nothing to do with Nancy and Chuck. Right now students and their teachers are walking out of class all over Florida. The students are going to push reform. It’s not surprising that the right would speak so disrespectful of America’s students, denying them their own thoughts and needs or abilities to articulate them.


Amen I am on the phone leaving messages with my congressmen and senators and have donated to the NRA institute for legislative action again after years of not feeling the need !



The left has come to believe that banning 1 gun will make a difference. Nothing will change when 15 million already exist.

The left believes that stricter gun control will make a difference all the while allowing unlimited abortions. The reality is the feel good act will do nothing as criminals will still have access to guns, gangs will have access to guns and of course the unstable will also have access to guns.

What ever did we do before the left decided to save us from ourselves.


Just watched 17 Marjory Douglas High students give articulate and moving speeches in Tallahassee. Most impressive to anybody listening with a heart and brain. Most of them voting age in November and they put Florida lawmakers on notice. They will not back down until an AWB is permanently back in place. Not just for the AR-15, but all small caliber high velocity SA rifles and high capacity magazines.


I’m thinking that once again the left has overplayed its hand. It is blatantly obvious that big money is driving this ‘student uprising’ and the misinformation passed on by teachers is unconscionable…

It is truly tragic that the left can’t win an argument without burning buildings, beating up people, twisting children’s minds and importing illegal voters… Just who are you ‘people’ anyway?


Baby steps as they may be, credit where credit is due. Of course these ideas must actually become realities.