Parkland Shooter Used 10 Round Magazines Larger Magazines Would Not Fit In His Bag


Report: Parkland Shooter Did Not Use High-Capacity Magazines
The gunman used only 10-round magazines.

The Parkland shooter did not use magazines larger than 10 rounds, but gun-reform lobbyists are calling on lawmakers to ban higher-capacity magazines after the Valentine’s Day tragedy.

The 19-year-old school shooter who killed 17 in Florida on Valentine’s Day had 150 rounds of ammunition in 10-round magazines. Larger ones would not fit in his bag, Florida state senator Lauren Book revealed.

His AR-15 reportedly jammed as he attempted to continue his killing spree inside his former school last month.


They are going to use this to say that it’s because of the super deadly “assault rifle” and to ban them entirely. This helps the lies they are pushing.


No it shows them for the frauds they are . All anyone has to do is post a ballistics table and compare the 5.56 against most any round starting with the .243 and go from there !


No matter what happens or what’s uncovered they are going to keep pushing gun control. They feel like they have some kind of momentum - even though the NRA just got 500,000 new members as a result. Let them have their fun though. Guns aren’t going anywhere. They are scared about the NRA because we fund it and we have always funded it.


Maybe shoot for a 2 round magazine.


I think their pushing for the none detachable clip…

Of course that would be just the first step towards a none firing brick…


All the while the kiddies and activists ignore the Sig Sauer that has a 15 round capacity and is certainly more effective than an AR 15 in close quarters.


Glock’s 17with 17 or up to 33 9mm


Next will say bolt action only with a 45 year waiting period.


And the people telling you that guns are bad:

Perhaps HS kids are smarter an better educated on guns.


Texas go figure ? Collage education seem like a huge wast of money .


Most universities are like that.

The come that way from HS.


Who is “they”? The TIC is pushing for it too. He doesn’t want anybody to be able to buy a gun until their 21 and thinks that sometimes cops should depart from due process, confiscate guns and let the courts sort it out latter.


A shame your guilty of misquoting trump.

firearms should be confiscated from potentially dangerous people without a court’s approval

said it might be better in some cases to allow law enforcement to confiscate weapons from potentially disturbed individuals before allowing due process.

he favors taking guns away from people who might commit violence before going through legal due process in the courts

Seems everyone in the media has a different interpretation however all mention something as a shill you ignore.


Only republicans are scared of the NRA.


Trump was a supporter of the last AR ban. :wink:
And now he thinks that there are times when the cops should forgo due process and confiscate guns. You guys would have taken to the streets and demanded impeachment of Obama, but the fat dumb ass in the White House could commit murder on 5th ave in broad daylight and you guys would remain his supporters. :roll_eyes:


What about Ted Kennedy who actually committed murder?


He should have went to prison for that, don’t you think?


No one is afraid of the NRA ! What they do understand is the fact that half the nation owns fire arms and will vote the protect the second !


Sorry, but that’s old stats. And Obama was suppose to take all the guns away blah blah blah. He was the one that allowed guns on Amtrak and into our national parks, whereas the fat ass TIC is talking about circumstances of confiscating guns without due process, something that he wouldn’t even find much support for amongst democrats. :joy::joy::joy:

American gun ownership drops to lowest in nearly 40 years. 38%