Parkland Shooter Used 10 Round Magazines Larger Magazines Would Not Fit In His Bag


You mean he allows the msm to correct him when he’s wrong. I might support the notion.


No everyone makes choices in life. You chose to have unprotected sex, YOU and YOU alone are responsible. It’s not mommy governments job to take care of people who are irresponsible.

If you cannot deal with child you put the child up for adoption. The problem is the left and government have made it difficult to adopt in the US.

Do you know anything about the adoption process?

The interesting thing is scrutiny that is placed on the adoptive parents and the lack of scrutiny place on people reproducing in this country.


But you didn’t post the number of spouses and other legal aged voters who live in a house with a gun owner and who would no doubt own one if the ‘owner’ didn’t reside in the same house…


ROTFLMAO, they are beyond biased.
The former president Obama’s team was caught tapping $350,000 in State Department funds, which were used to influence the Israeli electorate to vote against the prime minister. To date, no current or former federal employee has been disciplined for this corruption.

Where was the reporting? Where was the outrage???
And you think the idiots in the MSM should criticize trump while giving Obama a free pass???


I think that would be twitter with his daily melt downs poor spelling/grammar and all. :joy::joy::joy:


Our President is doing the job the working citizens of America elected him to do !


Looks like the Nebraska farmers think differently.


Sex is enjoyable so we as a species can procreate that is what is is all about ! Not all fun and games actions have consequences !


There’s people right here on this forum that deny GCC pointing to overpopulation as the real culprit, shrug.


Overpopulation where ? Certainly not the United States of America with our immigration policies ?





Africa ,In addition, there is a high proportion of younger people within the Africa population as a whole, with reports that 41% of the African population is under the age of 15. The life expectancy is also low – less than 50 in many nations and averaging 52 across the continent as a whole. This has reduced considerably over the course of the last twenty years with a widespread HIV and AIDS epidemic taking much of the blame for that statistic.

India ,
The long-term growth of India’s population, largely a function of fertility rates, is less certain. UN population projections indicate a range of possible scenarios. For example, if India’s current fertility of 2.3 births per woman remains constant, its population would grow to 1.8 billion by 2050 and 2.5 billion by 2100. Even under the instant-replacement fertility variant, with the country’s fertility assumed to fall immediately to 2.1 births per woman, India’s population would reach 1.9 billion by the century’s close.

China ,The scheme, which rewarded couples that agreed to have just one child with cash bonuses and better access to housing, proved so successful that the birth rate of 1.4 children per woman fell below the replacement rate of 2.1 children per woman. As a result, experts are now concerned that China’s low birth rate, combined with its aging population, will damage it’s future economic development. ?


Around 2.2% of the population will have to suck it up and find different markets !
Good for American consumers short term .


So what’s your point with all that?


So you think it’s just farmers that will suffer, even if that were true, easy for you to tell them to suck it up as you’re not one. But analysts are saying it will hurt everyone and that there are no winners in a trade war, and Gary Cohn quit the TIC over it.


I will tell anyone to suck it up butter cup ! I live and worked in the rust belt my whole life ! I saw thousands of manufactures close the doors steel mills locked up and torn down restaurant boarded up business across the board shuttered .
So 2.2% of the nation will find a way to survive they are all ready heavily subsidized by the government .
American working class has been at war for forty years and been getting the living shit kicked out of us !
We elected a President that said he was going to put America first and Americas workers first and he is making good on his promises !


No problem keep running up trade deficits and the national debt.

Shouldn’t;t be a problem till it’s a problem.


Except that it’s not going to be just 2.2% that suffer from the fake presidents trade war. :wink:


Yes the time is at hand and our President is going all in for America .
First cut the corporate tax rate to make it competitive with the rest of the industrial world !
Second cut useless regulations that penalized American manufactures !
Third impose tariffs on country’s that have abused American manufactures and our working citizens !
Now we watch the American economy grow taxes flow into the treasury and adjust the budget to match our revenue and start paying down the national debt .


Lmao, nobody wins a trade war. Oh, and despite his promise to pay off the national debt, it’s already been added to over a trillion. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: Fake President.