Parkland Shooter Used 10 Round Magazines Larger Magazines Would Not Fit In His Bag


Get over it johnny.

The debt will never be paid off as congress cannot balance a budget.

Yes, johnny, congress is responsible but anything to disparage Trump.

Still don’t get to do you.

Like a parrot you keep repeating it.


Fourth, why start a trade war or add to the national debt after blaming Obama for congresses actions, hypocrites


Working Americans will win this trade war ! We are still the biggest consumers of cheap Chines junk on earth so if you want to sell here you will have to pay the tariffs . The swamp and the oligarchy will not be happy to share the wealth but President Trump has removed them from the equation !


Nobody wins in a trade war…


Lame reply and boring ! Yawn :weary::weary:


No, just an inconvenience for you to have to answer. That fat fuck in the White House blamed Obama for the doubling of the national debt and his supporters cheered him on at his rally’s. Now that he’s in the big chair, it’s SUDDENLY congresses fault. Hypocrites, all.


Hypocrites ?
Obama and the lib’s blamed a do nothing congress for all of his failures !
Wake up President Trump has done more for America in fourteen months then Obama has ever accomplished going back to his organizing days to hanging with Jeremiah Wright and Louis Farrakhan the disastrous Obama care and all his administrations failures ! Yawn :weary::weary::weary:


Yes, hypocrites. Campaigning for president, Trump blamed Obama for doubling the national debt, and he was basically right, because Obama was president during the time that the debt doubled from 10 to 20 trillion. He promised that as president he would pay it off in eight years, which was a fantastic, wonderful promise. Problem was that he was lying so that you’d vote for him and even as another trillion plus has already been added to the national debt during his presidency, his supporters are blind to it, or worse, like one insignificant poster here, is blaming it on congress now that the fat ass TIC is in the White House. You having problems seeing the hypocrisy in that? The national debt was blamed on Obama when he was president and congress now that Trump is president. It’s the same hypocritical bs I see on this alt right forum EVERY FUCKING DAY!!!


I am going to wait the eight years before I throw in the towel . Yawn :point_right:


Well so far he has more to pay off now than when he got to Washington. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Its called seed money . Unlike previous administrations President Trump is seeding America and American manufactures and American citizens . Now all we need do is add a little nutrition and weed out the weak plants and watch America bloom !


And watch the national debt mushroom to pay for it. Hypocrisy


I intend to see the treasury mushroom to pay for the nation debt !


Most certainly depends on what you went to war for… self sufficiency might not make you wealthy but it will take better care of you when your money is no good or the people who want to own you refuse to sell…


What do you expect when 60% of the budget is entitlements and the Air Force inventory is only 70% operationally ready…


Lol, that’s not going to happen.