Paul Ryan Reportedly Says No Chance for Border Wall at Private Dinner


I’ve always had it, you just ignore it.

Foreign-born workers are about 17 percent of the labor force, yet 23 percent of those who are foreign born and over 25 years old have not completed high school, compared to 5 percent of the native-born labor force.

We have immigration laws today which are largely ignored today. If we are going to change immigration law, we need a sensible immigration policy that fosters economic growth. That requires focusing on high skilled, educated foreign workers.


I’ve never seen you acknowledge that both parties are destroying America. And just when I think you’re finally getting it, you revert to the old meme, that doesn’t see that big Business has no interest in your idea of immigration and BOTH parties pander to big Business!


GLOBALIZATION people. The democrats and republicans are both destroying America with debt, endless war and globalization and Americans are busy eating each other. :roll_eyes:


That I can absolutely agree with.

So then why do you support open borders?

Or do you?

I’m making an inference from some of your posts on the subject.


I don’t. I think that corporations should be so severely punished for hiring people that enter the country illegally that they’d stop giving them jobs and the incentive to sneak in would go away. No need to waste 30 billion on a wall that they’ll climb over or tunnel under anyway.


Right. Corporations get away with things that small business can’t all the time. It’s unfair competition. There is no way a small business can compete when large businesses are engaged in illegal hiring. So as a result, big business gets bigger, big business donates more money to politicians to look the other way, and the average American gets screwed. I’d love to see most big businesses completely broken up. I don’t support UBI or wealth redistribution, obviously. I just don’t know why our antitrust laws aren’t followed.

Actually, I know why they aren’t. I said it above. Our elected politicians look the other way.


Indubitably, we agree.


Poverty caused by debt slavery will create racial tensions that grow much more than they naturally would if the economy was doing well.

You’ll notice genocides and racial conflict often happen right after a period of economic turbulence.

Extreme volatility due to merged markets being exploited by interest rate policies will create more intense booms and busts each time.

The bust will create massive social upheaval - we are just about there.


Well isn’t that a gloomy outlook, accurate as it may be!!!


I hung my head after reading that. I also just made a payment on my student loans, mortgage, and car while sitting in my shitty cubicle reading about the riots in St. Louis - while emails from my bosses are streaming in asking me to stay late on a Friday. :expressionless:


Most genocides I can name aren’t really impacted much by the economy.


You’re wrong, racial tensions are natural, but economic factors are what give people incentive to actually take risk and kill their enemies.

If people are too comfortable they will not act.

Because they stand more to gain from being complacent slaves.

@CampingGuy’s reaction proves my point.


Most Americans aren’t engaged in politics on the level that people like us here are, regardless of political persuasions. A very long time ago Plato declared that “those who refuse to involve themselves in politics are destined to be ruled by their inferiors” American politicians are simply doing what Americans allow them to do. By lining up election cycle after election cycle and pulling the lever for the ass or the elephant, it’s my fellow Americans that are actually destroying my country. Nothing would get the attention of those two parties like setting one out would, with an independent in the White House. I just hope I see that in my lifetime.


And yet I have not seen where one person who would identify themselves as a Bernie or Hillary supporter EVERY say one word about the fact that E-verify is voluntary or the fact that only 4 states make all employment contingent on mandatory e-verify or that California and Illinois specifically limits its use by law with California extracting big fines for misuse… like, making sure your current employees are legal…


And you can’t start your own business because the barrier to entry is too high. You need to wage slave to accumulate the capital, or borrow it, which makes you a wage slave while owning your own business. I’m right there with you.


And neither Joe Lieberman or Bernie Sanders were/are true independents.