Pelosi - President Trump is making America white again


House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is under fire from a fellow Democrat for her response to President Trump’s immigration plan that she called a blue print to “make America white again.”
This is what dems do best hurl the race card ! The percentage of brown’s in the DACA deal is 99.99 % The number of those coming here in next immigration cycle are 99.9 % from brown Countries . How exactly is the president trying to make America white ??? Is this the democrats new talking points on immigration ?


Yeah ,Nincompoop Nancy, How many illegals come from Iceland,Finland or Ireland. Just like Al Sharpton, Corey Booker, Spike Lee and the Congressional UnDemocratic Black Congress,these Leftists don’t have a real stance , so they play the Race Card with the support of the Leftist Press.


When dems have nothing they whip out the race cards . The 1.8 million DACA illegals are brown ! The next schedule influx of immigrants are brown and black , so what the hell is she talking about ??? :roll_eyes:


Obama tells America that it’s going to get browner and the media yawns. Nancy Pelosi, who is white, says Trump wants to make America white again. Hasn’t she heard?

It’s OK to be white.


Democrats hate the white race , they hate those with education , jobs , savings and own a home because it’s too hard to CONTROL them ! 100% of the 1.8 million DACA adults are BROWN , yep ALL brown !!! Those scheduled to come in the next wave of legal immigration are 99.9% brown and black ! The US population was 180,000,000 in 1964 and today it’s over 332,000,000 at that rate we may hit a half billion in the next 25 years ! By the way there will be 50,000 immigrants coming from Haiti in upcoming wave of legal immigrants where 99% of them can’t pass the second grade even after 4 attempts , pitiful indeed !!! :exploding_head: