Pelosi to Bring Illegals to State of the Union Address; Trump Should Bring ICE Agents


You bet right are the end chain migration and the visa lottery.

The end of chain migration will allow mommy and daddy who brought the kiddies to the US to be deported.


Have they made any attempt to try and become legal citizens since their adults apparently not and when they protest and flip off on selfies they are telling me they don’t give a rats behind about becoming legal so no I will not get on board with Amnesty for them.They need to get to the back of the line where many have done it the right way and have been waiting years as my parents did when they came through Ellis Island from Germany so sorry that is one boat I’m not getting on.My parents had to save up the money,get a sponsor and have a job waiting for them no free ride for them we’re talking back in the middle 40’s trying to escape Hitler my dad served in the German Navy to help fight communism and the evil Hitler was and had been doing even to many of the German people.


Why haven’t they taken the steps to become legal on their own? You support them.


Well it appears that the Trump administration disagrees with you. If the democrats accept the deal, DACA and Dreamers stay.


Perhaps I did not use the best word. They bring them to the Capital to embarrass our duly elected President and his supporters. The illegals who were minors present a difficult question. I feel sympathy for them while rationally wanting to see the rule of law upheld. We already turn a Nelsonian eye toward marijuana, and now many expect us to do the same with the illegal minors. This can not continue. To me, the whole sanctuary city thing is the biggest threat to this country since the Civil War.


The families that have children or other family members killed by an illegal.of any type should be seated among these illegals. I bet it wouldn’t take long for the Illegals to instigate a fight which Nincompoop Nancy would blame President Trump.


The entire political process has become a gam to both parties. The left to destroy the right and I can’ tell you the game of he right. Then the 3rd piece is Trump who belongs in neither camp.


Wonder who’s paying for their transportation and lodging. Certainly isn’t the Data people. Wonder is hey will pick the best and the brightest or the average. Look for interviews after he speech to allow hem adequate time to dis the president.


That would be outstanding…illegal%20demands