Pension $285,000 NY garbage man!


We often wonder why taxes are so dam high in democratically controlled States .A former Sanitation Department honcho is pulling in an astonishing $285,047-a-year pension — more than twice what he was making on the job, according to newly released data. A garbage man no less ! Taxpayers are taken out with the garbage !
“Pensions like these are unheard of in the private sector — and deserve the close scrutiny of taxpayers,” said Tim Hoefer, executive director of the Empire Center.


Good for him, the idiots in charge need to pay and the taxpayers need to relocate to another state as they are in California and Illinois.


The way I read this is he was smart about contributing to his retirement and he put a lot of his own money in during his 60 years of work for the Department of Sanitation.

I don’t see the problem.


One thing you have to realize is that non government workers do not have a pension.

In our state, the school/state/local workers have a retirement plan. They are eligible for 90% of their highest years pay when retiring. They can buy up to 5 years of seniority at 5K per year. At one time the limit was 15 years.

The people who approved the pension plan are covered by the same pension plan.

And yes, he worked, he paid in he enjoys the taxpayers dollars today much like many collecting a less generous SS. Many collect over 10X their contributions. And it is much the same a pay as you go system.


The other side of the coin is you have to incentivize people to work for the government. It’s a pretty shitty existence but we need schools, garbage pick-up, police, fire, military, intelligence, weather, etc. I worked for NOAA for 5 years out of college. I learned a lot but I couldn’t imagine spending my whole career in a bureaucracy.


Really as government workers generally make more than private sector workers.

Bottom line either you want to work there or you don’t just like any other job. There is no difference.