People spend more time sitting on the toilet each week than exercising, study finds


Bet the US is a close second.

People in the UK spend more time sitting on the toilet every week than exercising, a study has found.

Adults clock up an average of three hours and nine minutes on their loos every week - but spend just 90 minutes being active.

In fact, more than a quarter (26%) of people exercise for 30 minutes or less each week, the survey showed.

The major health concern here is our lack of exercise, but…our tendency to play on smartphones in the bathroom [is a factor] driving this inbalance.
Steven Ward, chief executive of UKactive
The poll of 2,000 adults for the not-for-profit body UKactive, also revealed that only 12% of people know how much exercise is needed for good health.

The NHS recommends that adults do 150 minutes per week of moderate intensity exercise, such as cycling, swimming or brisk walking.

Steven Ward, chief executive of UKactive, said: "Humans are made to move, but modern living has stripped physical activity out of our lives to the point where we pass more time spending a penny than we do getting sweaty.

“The major health concern here is our lack of exercise, but things like poor diet, lack of exertion and our tendency to play on smartphones in the bathroom are all other factors that are driving this inbalance.”

I wonder if hemorrhoid surgery is on the rise in developed nations with national healthcare?


One place where I and my parents lived was one in Denver why my dad was stationed breifly at Lowry. They house’s toilet sat in a narrow room not much wider than the door and was on a platform we two steps. I guess it was an easy plumbing retrofit … but we called it ‘The Throne Room’… I can see spending considerable amount of time … you know… contemplating things while sitting on a throne… Can’t you?:rofl:


Contemplating? Today people take their cell phones everywhere including the throne room to contemplate.

It’s most disconcerting going into a public restroom and hear someone talking on a cell phone in a stall.

Almost as disturbing hearing personal conversations in a grocery store.

I do remember pre cell phone, if someone were on a pay phone you gave the space for privacy, if not you generally got the look (back away) or a word. So much for privacy today.


Too bad they had NO jobs , pay NO taxes ,and have benefits in excess !