Perhaps the Russians have penetrated the WH and congress


President Donald Trump exhibits almost none of the qualities of a sensate human being — compassion, empathy, the ability to love, discernment, basic intelligence, or common sense. This has made it virtually impossible for the president to detect other similarly insensate, mechanical entities that have infiltrated his inner circle.

While Miller exhibits many non-human qualities, like a “dead-eye” stare and inability to perceive or express humor, he has still managed to deeply penetrate the halls of power in Washington. (

And they surely have, according to sources inside the major U.S. intelligence agencies, including the CIA and FBI.

These sources say that highly-sophisticated Russian androids designed, built, and deployed directly by Vladimir Putin’s FSB (Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation, formerly the KGB) have been placed inside the White House at an alarming rate since President Trump took office. Many were well-positioned within the Trump campaign as far back as 2015. And all have been programmed to sabotage, disrupt, undermine, and ultimately destroy American democracy from the inside.

The Russian spy agency FSB is concerned with a persistent glitch in Jared Kushner’s programming that causes him to freeze for minutes at a time. (Credit:
The robotic pseudo-life forms that intelligence agents are most concerned about include Trump aide Stephen Miller (Model FSB4869), computerized son-in-law Jared Kushner (Model FSB2387J), advisor Kellyanne Conway (Model FSB9958), and White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders (Model FSB1203PP).
Kremlin-based droids have also reportedly been placed inside Congress, going by the names of Representative Trey Gowdy (Model FSB3355H) in the House and Tom Cotton (Model FSB5849S) in the Senate.

A defect in the chip controlling her facial movements causes the cyborg Sanders to raise her left eyebrow diabolically, a tick the Russians can’t believe no American has found suspicious. (Credit:

“We knew the Russians were working on very lifelike androids as far aback as the 1980’s, but we did not expect FSB mechanical designers and chip programmers to refine them so soon and so convincingly, to the point where these specialized and very dangerous ‘political’ robots can now move around the White House undetected,” said an FBI special agent who is part of a newly-created droid surveillance unit at the agency. “We now think their ability to blend in with humans is so advanced, and the extent of their influence is so deep, that one has actually been able to wed a Trump family member. I’m speaking about Jared Kushner, of course.”

The Conway bot almost tipped her hand at the 2017 inauguration accidentally wearing her Russian army uniform. (Caption:
Asked how the Kushner android could be an active marriage partner with a human or near-human, in this case, Ivanka Trump, the FBI source said that complex verbal communication was not a problem for state-of-the-art robots, but that the sex act was a thornier issue.

U.S. intelligence agencies know that Rep. Trey Gowdy and Sen. Tom Cotton are Russian automatons by their absurd clothing choices and dated hairstyles. (Credit: and

The FBI and CIA are now working on several plans to thwart the impact and influence of the androids that are in direct contact with the president nearly every day. They are even considering introducing their own robots into the White House to disrupt and derail the Russian models.

Allan Ishac


It brings to mind that hot mic tape of Obama whispering to the Russians "I can do more AFTER the election " !


Come on, so what, he could say anything and the left would cheer.