Permanent War Economy


The concept of permanent war economy originated in 1944 with an article by Ed Sard (alias Frank Demby, Walter S. Oakes and T.N. Vance), a Third Camp Socialist, who predicted a post-war arms race. He argued at the time that the United States would retain the character of a war economy; even in peacetime, US military expenditure would remain large, reducing the percentage of unemployed compared to the 1930s. He extended this analysis in 1950 and 1951.[1]

And sure enough, just a few years hence, Eisenhower declared the dangers of this, and warned Americans of the potential disastrous effects of what he coined the Military Industrial Complex if the trend wasnā€™t reversed. America didnā€™t listen.


Actually this concept goes back to Wilson although not as an actual war economy be instead the state control of business and individual liberty during peace time as you have the ability to do during war. After the war people got tired of Wilsons street thugs and war programsā€¦ the quest to find that system of control within a society that previously was not at all reliant on central government began their. FDR was deathly afraid of a return to the depression that continued up to the war and tried to push New Deal policies that were either rolled back or shelved for the war effortā€¦ many of those plans dealt with control of industry. He died before he could actually get them restarted. Truman was waiting in the wings but again the US population wasnā€™t quite geared to war time austerity and government control during peace timeā€¦ War was the only answerā€¦ the only answer for things like the patriot act, NDAA which has some pretty audacious clauses, and indeed the need for the creation of an umbrella organization like skynetā€¦ er Homeland Security. Huxley was clear about this in 1931 with Brave New Worldā€¦ This has been a fascist wet dream for many a decadeā€¦


What is war? Sometimes, wars are justified.

Such as the conquest of a neighbor, for greater economic prosperity for the conquering people. Thatā€™s always an option.

And a gamble.

Sometimes it is not successful.


War comes frequently when you are the most powerful country on earth. If America falls, the world will suffer a dark age never seen in history. If you are unable to see this, you are either willfully ignorant or complicit. There is no room for people to stay on the sidelines. The time is now. Stop playing games. We are the caretakers of freedom. ACT LIKE IT!


A reminder that Hitler did nothing wrong.


After WWI, Germany got screwed over economically and territorial at the hands of a group of bankers that by todayā€™s standards would be considered war profiteers. When Hitler came to power pulled the German economy and the German people out of the gutter by eliminating all debt and relationships with central bankers. The war economy has been around for a long timeā€¦and from this perspective your point is well taken.


Um, no sir, we are not. Would you care to demonstrate to me any construction that would support what youā€™ve posted??


Regardless the bad acting on the part of people who love power and like too wield it, the US Constitution and its precepts are the most repeated throughout the world.(Marx however is doing his best to catch up) Now while some people have most certainly changed the definition of the word Defenseā€¦ far more have decided to follow the admonishments of Jesus in a secular sense and have been using the sword to ā€˜spread the wordā€™ of democracy for many a decadeā€¦ and while you may believe in a socialist model or an authoritarian model at home, the constitution doesnā€™t actually support that.

As long as people are willing to point out that fact and are willing to defend it so the power hungry, socialism or its authoritarian equivalent, does not inherit the earth the individual still has a chance against forced homogeneity.

Their are many reasons why the US is a particular target to so many different political and cultural enemiesā€¦ and not all of them, as your like to relay with frequency, are because America is bad but instead because it is quite the contrary. People still want to come to America to be Americans and to contribute to its successā€¦ you donā€™t hear much about them thoughā€¦ they are standing quietly in a line somewhereā€¦


Lol. It would be better if a president just said that.


What do you mean???




Defense Jobs Make up 10 Percent of U.S. Manufacturing Demand