Its called “social justice” nowadays


Perhaps relevant to this thread is the donation, a couple of years back, of $25 million to Success Academy (a NYC charter school) from Julian Robertson. According to Wiki, in 2010 Robertson became part of the billionaires club – pledging to donate half his assets to charity. Critics note that such donations will be dictating public policy for years to come. Ahem.

However, there is no mention of this donation being part of a billionaires club commitment.

Billionaires Club:


I prefer a consumption tax. AKA The Fair Tax. You spend money, you pay the tax. 23% is reasonable.

That way, whores pay taxes, drug dealers pay taxes, thieves pay taxes, anyone that spends money pays taxes.


Seems to be a bit of circular logic in this statement…

By the way. The Kochs have long been accused by the left of putting large amounts of money in ‘political’ endeavors but until recently most of their money went to lobby for business interests of which they have many. Interesting that you don’t mention Soros who made his money by decimating currencies which had immediate affect on the most vulnerable of those countries. Soros is directly trying to change governements all over the world with his money and makes no pretense about buying positions in the US like district attorney’s and Mayorial candidates…

This of course is the kinds of outcomes when you invest in the kind of crony capitalism we have today. Most ‘public services’ were never meant to be in the first place. They are generally inefficient and lack the kind of motivation to innovate.

The left has created this problem… it is entrenched in Washington and when private companies gain cover for wrong doing or ill gotten gains by the public officials that they buy… the wealth disparity can do nothing but widen.


The biggest donor to political action parties,

Warren Buffet. It wasn’t a donation to the GOP or conservative PAC.

Essentially, what we are witnessing is the transfer of responsibility for public goods and services from democratic institutions to the wealthy, to be administered by an executive class.
And we have seen how poorly that has worked out. Administering welfare from DC is the most inefficient way to administer welfare or any social program. NY and Des Moines have zero in common when comparing the needs and costs for social services yet SNAP is th program of choice.