Police Arrest an Alexandria Virgina Man for Making Hateful Online Comments


Why? Because the guy that was arrested didn’t have millions of dollars and television cameras following him around?


I made that clear in my first post and about the 4th or 5th. Wish posts were numbered on this forum.


No you didn’t make it clear. I read the thread. You responded about BLM not being the same thing…which is a bunch of baloney.

BLM: What do we want? Dead Cops! When do we want it? Now!

Why are their dumbasses not getting locked up?


ITS NOT THE SAME THING!!! I’ll tell you what’s bullshit. Is that you can’t see the difference between what the POS in the op did, and what those looser celebs are cracking about. But in the end it doesn’t matter, because sensible Americans can. And that’s why the POS in the OP is locked up and Madona is not.


Two justices systems my friend. If you aren’t a part of theirs then you are a part of ours. Remember that.


2 justice systems is correct.

Do a beheading of Trump and post it with the vitriol of Kathy Giffens and see if you get a pass.

Not likely.


" pigs in a blanket , fry them like bacon " So , memory fails you , how convenient ! Well do you recall Slutbag Madonna saying she wanted to blow up the WH ?
And the BLM saying " how do we want cops ? dead , when do we want it NOW ? Would you charge them also ???


Already went through all that above.


So if every white person that commits violence against minorities regardless of reasoning is considered “racist” or “right-wing,” should we consider every Islamic attack as “left-wing terror?” I mean, these ARE the people and the ideology that the left is campaigning for having more of.


Violence against minority’s??? Just violence against Americans at school, theatre, the mall, work or out to a concert. Islamic (jihadist) are fundamental extremists, by definition right wing who nobody welcomes.


Well I didn’t read everyone’s posts so then you are going with “Not sure what you’re talking about there.” :laughing:


No, in your absence, another told me what that was and I responded to it above.


So no harm no foul ! :laughing:


I guess you could read what I wrote.


Should she be charged ???


Is there even a question?
Washington (CNN)A criminal complaint and arrest warrant were issued Thursday against a 55-year-old Tomah, Wisconsin man accused of threatening to kill President Barack Obama.
Brian D. Dutcher, 55, allegedly told a security guard at a La Crosse library, “the usurper is here and if I get a chance I’ll take him out and I’ll take the shot,” referring to Obama, who was in Wisconsin promoting his proposal for overtime pay reform.

BOSTON – A Massachusetts man who authorities say threatened to assassinate President Barack Obama, bomb police stations and burn down a mosque has pleaded guilty to unlawful possession of ammunition.

Joseph Gargiulo, of Holliston, was arrested last August when an FBI raid of his home turned up assault rifle parts, ammunition, incendiary materials and handwritten notes threatening violence against Muslims. Gargiulo was prohibited from possessing firearms and ammunition because his wife had been granted a restraining order against him.

Texas Man Gets 5 Years in Prison for Threatening Obama, FBI
A 21-year-old Central Texas man has been sentenced to more than five years in federal prison after admitting that he made threats against President Barack Obama and the FBI.


Nothing but partisan drivel. There are no saints dude and the TIC is the nastiest of them all!


But is the TIC as bad as the IPH??

Personally it seems that the IPH is far worse.


But , But , But … she is BLACK , and blacks get a pass ! :wink: Besides is was a question for our resident liberal democrat JOHN Montecresto1 QUACK QUACK QUACK … :laughing::laughing::laughing: Watch him dance around it . :laughing:


As the answer is obvious Stve, I mean Jon will pretend the question was never asked.