PoliSciGuy Reporting for Duty!


Hey everyone, my name is James and I’m a political science graduate student at the University of Michigan. I’m also an Air Force veteran. I’ve been here for a few weeks just reading. I collect a lot of research materials related to political science, history, warfare, democracy, voting, nationalism, and many other interconnected subjects. I thought it would be good to share some of my research materials with all of you and gain some outside perspective. Selfishly, this will also help me to work through some difficult concepts :wink:


Welcome, James!

Will love to hear your take on things!


Thanks so much @SteveSPHR and please everyone let me know if I overshare too much material. I’m just excited to post. I was nervous to join. You guys are tough!


Don’t be nervous @PoliSciGuy we don’t bite. We just bitch, gripe, complain, argue, and sometimes agree. Welcome! Good posts already. It’s good to have some accepted factual information once in a while!


Thank you for the welcome @Bryan I have a real passion for political science and I think that it is important to appropriately frame the subject of the debate and to define the terms used so that everyone can be on the same page to have a meaningful discussion.

As a society, we are all quickly defaulting to expressing our views through the use of rhetoric. I will do all that I can to objectively present agreed upon political concepts related to the issues of the day.


James - welcome to the fam. Don’t hurt yourself :nerd:


Thank you for joining us. We have needed some more intellectual horsepower here for a while. We are sitting in a beautiful sports car with a woefully underpowered engine.

We are lucky to have you and I hope you stay and keep everyone honest and well informed.


Great posts James, looking forward to more.


Welcome bro! Enjoy The Forum.

I like the Navy one better :wink:


Welcome, but please try to include works by Howard Zinn and Noam Chomsky.


@PoliSciGuy keep it up. I liked reading what you posted. Some of us actually appreciate learning, especially when it is unexpected. @Dan is looking for his version of history to be echoed back to him. Don’t fall for it.