Political Ideology Badges


We have a great feature that I haven’t utilized to the maximum extent possible. Badges!

Select the link above, scroll down to Ideology, and post which ideology you most identify with. If you identify with a particular ideology that isn’t listed just tell me what it is and I’ll get it added. In this case, if you know of a flag that would best represent your ideology please post it as well.

If you see a political ideology that you do identify with but have a better idea for the flag, please post it in this thread.

Once your ideology is identified, I’ll award you the badge and you can display it as your title - next to your name. If you want to identify with multiple ideologies that’s fine too. Just list them here. Remember, only one ideology can be displayed at a time.

I think this will help others to see exactly where you stand politically on issues right up front.


USMB rejects

CivNat - Capitalist…


Traditionalist / Ethno-Nationalist


Man… thats a tough one… I have a whole wall of hats and some hats where I thought I knew the definition have become vague as it would seem others see the same descriptor differently… I think that the descriptors are nice as far as they inform but for someone like me, it would be misleading…


Liberal and Socialist


The nice thing is you can pick as many as you want and like a hat…change it whenever you want. I’m also good with making custom blends.


Nationalist, Conservative


CivNat Conservative Capitalist


NatSoc Imperialist…


Civic Nationalist…


Thank you for adding Apolitical.


Conservative is good for now. Maybe for April Fool’s Day I’ll pick Monarchist. Great work!


I haven’t decided yet but I read a lot about Voluntaryism and would like to have the option.


Added and thanks for providing the flag.


Classical liberal – As it aligns with my understanding of the Origninalist position of the constitution

Conservative – This is more of a personal conviction than a political one. Where my personal conviction
collides with the Constitution, I defer politically to the Classical Liberal


Libertarian - Where it collides with nationalism it looses


Ok, you have them all. Now just select which one in your profile in the title section below your photo - then save.


I’m an aspiring voluntaryist but I believe in the use of force and the right of physical removal.


I believe that’s a Hoppe-Libertarian


I guess I’m about 8 of these, so I’ll plump for capitalist.


CivNat / Fascist…