Political Ideology Badges


Centrist, depending on the topic slightly ,very slightly Liberal and moderately Conservative. I always try to have an open mind.


I’d like to see an LGBTQ option.


Ethno-Nationalist. Please and thank you.


Capitalist and Nationalist.


Progressive then Liberal in that order.


Liberal & Democrat for me.


I declare myself to be a Minarchist.


Great idea @Patriot

I do have one suggestion. Please consider adding the following with corresponding service flag.

U.S. Army Veteran
U.S. Navy Veteran
U.S. Marine Corps Veteran
U.S. Air Force Veteran
U.S. Coast Guard Veteran


Hum… Is that a political Ideology or does that experience inform your opinion?..

I wondered that about LGBTQ as well… I suppose that one, like most democratic clicks are the domain of the single issue voter.


No, not a political ideology. But once I saw @Dan’s request I thought why the hell not. If Dan can show his gay pride then I can show my vet pride. Vets also have a political party. Gays have the DNC. I guess you could vote along vet interest lines but being a vet isn’t an ideology.


I was going to expand on your comment… but for once I will keep my mouth shut and… well… never mind.


@Citizen if you were a member of the community then you would know that it is very political. We have concerns and positions on just about every topic. From a voting perspective I would vote for ANY candidate regardless of party that made advancements on those issues. Do veterans behave differently? I think not.


Please @Scott don’t hold back on my account.


No, but my political ideology is not SWM (Straight White Male). That part of who I am might inform my vote but my moral compass for things like abortion or war or anything else goes to a much broader political and ideological thought process than who I chose to have a relationship with…

Just my opinion. @patriot gave you the banner… his business.


Badges, labels are difficult and so defining.

Few people can be defined by 1 label.
For me:
Conservative, in some areas.
Libertarian, in some areas.
Apolitical, in some areas.
Liberal, in some areas.
Capitalist, in some areas.
Civic Nationalist, in some areas.

The list is endless as one label cannot define a person or in this case me…


CivNat and Capitalist


I like this idea. I think i can be put into a lot of different categories too but I think of myself mostly as a conservative.


Sorry folks…needed to add this here. I hate self-bumping.



You could just auto lable everyone who hasn’t chosen to show a political bent as ‘Undisclosed’

Or perhaps… ‘Snake In The Grass’… :joy:


I’ve been thinking about doing something clever with those who don’t want to add an image to their avatar.