Political Ideology Badges


Traditionalist, thanks.


Traditionalist and Nationalist


These are interesting, but the definitions seem to be fragmenting in our society. I consider myself a conservative, but I’m not a free-trader. Some people say that unless one is a diehard free-trader, one cannot be a conservative. I still believe that the Iraq War was good policy, but that puts me at odds with most others who consider themselves tariff-supporting conservatives. I’m pro-family in the sense that I believe that the traditional family is the basis of the healthiest and most stable societies, but I oppose those who use “pro-family” as just an excuse to create more subsidies for families by shifting more of the tax burden to singles. I looked, but I didn’t see anything that I really wanted to click.

While it wouldn’t change my problem, you might want to add neo-conservative and paleo-conservative as additional options for people who want to identify themselves as something beyond just “conservative.” For the neo-conservatives, you might create a symbol that includes a military jet and maybe ticker tape or a college graduation cap. This symbol would capture the activist foreign policy that many neo-conservatives tend to take and the investment class and academic class that many seem to represent. For the paleo-conservatives, you might consider some kind of Americana symbol.

You might also want to add badges for some of the single-issues that define many people who are largely single-issue activists. You could create pro-life and pro-choice badges (although I hate both of those terms). You could create a Second Amendment badge. Rather than just “Theocratic” identity, you could create a Christian Heritage badge that would identify someone as recognizing the USA’s traditional Christian heritage within a framework that respects freedom of religion. While I’m not sure what wording they use, I think some people advocate for some kind of Native American independence. Maybe one of them could supply an idea for a badge to cover that position.


National Socialist, with a little bit of love for that old time Soviet Communism.



Badges? We don’t need no…ahh fuck it, sign me up, they look fuckin cool.Might as well wear my own badge for a while before the gulags force me to wear thiers.


What badge would you like?


We’ll award you this one:


Hoppe Libertarian is probably closest, but I identify as a neo-reactionary, as well as a nationalist with some libertarian beliefs. Starship Troopers represents the best political system in all fiction.


I remain fond of my own formulation National Liberty, which encompasses integral nationalism and the liberty tradition. :wink:


Conservative libertarian


You can mix and match… I carry 4 but pretty much all of my thoughts concur with a Classic Liberal… not to be confused in any way shape or form to a progressive … or… what do they call themselves now… a … Democratic Socialist. :joy:


National Socialist please


Traditional American


We have a Traditionalist badge. Is that what you are referring to?


Or patriot …


Might I ask the OP and Moderators what the goal/purpose of this is? @KVN @Patriot


Do you have a mad bro badge???



That was actually clever boo


It was just something nice to do for people. Crazy right?

A lot of people on discord like setting their political ideology when they join a live chat. There were quite a few people asking for that feature as well as the ability to have a flag like on /pol/ we tried the flags but they caused some issues so we moved the flags over to badges. These badges can also link to groups for the creation of private groups or semi-private groups based on ideology. We have a lot of threads on the capabilities we have here.