Political Prediction Thread


I predict that Facebook is in deep stuff, bigly. Can’t put my finger on it, but something feels funny there. With regards to the Russians and Facebook, I want to know who knew, and when did they know it? Jared didn’t learn how to exploit Facebook on his own, someone helped him, and I’m wondering if some of the help was from the inside.

Just thought of this one…I predict that Joe Biden’s name will be brought up as a groper, more as a reminder of what has been out there in the public for a long time.

The out of control CFPB

Anyone else starting to think that we’re going to find out that foreign money has been powering much more of our domestic politics than we ever thought possible?

I’m thinking of the NRA and the Tea Party Republicans.


Along with twitter banning / unverifying people for their political bantering, fakebook is going down, albeit slower than twitter. People are learning to be careful of what to post on their media site and stop using it altogether, in fear of being doxxxed / discriminated against in the public and workplace.

With russian and facebook, its not that hard to use a social media platform to spread “disinformation”. The russian trolls played both sides, posting from religious to blm, with a goal in mind was to divide. Look at some of their posts, and if people dont have to brain to discern these posts from concerned russian trolls, they shouldnt be able to vote. On the same note, the US also has done the same thing, meddling with others’ elections with tax-payers money

and quoted an article from 2015? I think there are bigger fish to fry, namely All franken, John Conyers, and Oliver Stone. Biden is still potentially useful, so he wont be under the bus just yet.


You missed the whole Uranium One scandal, or youre just willfully ignorant ?


Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador will be elected President of Mexico in 2018 in spite of all kinds of dirty tricks unleashed against him and his campaign.

Mexico will finally have a progressive president. Perhaps more importantly, we will see an honest administration which will begin to attack the problem of impunity, corruption and rot at the top in Mexico.

This will be good for Mexico and will be good for us.


I agree that Obrador might win but I’m not ready to predict that.

But if he wins, which I hope, I think it’s more likely he gets assacinated than he cleans up corruption in any meaningful way.

Just to give a sense of how corruption is woven into the culture, consider the language.

“Mordida” means bite.

It also means the following:

Business that requires pay-offs (in Mexico, all businesses)
Simplification of paper work

If you ask “How much mordida a person has” you are asking, all at once:

How much influence and power to make happen does the guy have? And, naturally, how much will I have to bribe him to have him help me. Can I just meet him, or do I have to pay just to meet him?

A few years ago I asked a Mexican attorney if there are any judges in the country who can’t be bought. He thought for awhile and said: “maybe on the Supreme Court.”

I saw him the next day. He said “I’ve been thinking about your question. You can buy the Supreme Court… definitely.”

Want more?

A few years ago the Chief of Police in the Capital built himself a multimillion dollar home on top of a lovely hill. His salary, in US dollars, was about $40,000.


Here are my predictions:

When Mueller finishes it will be revealed that:

  • Trump’s campaign was run out of Russia

  • That Trump’s major nominations–from Cabinet Secretaries to Judges, to heads of Agencies–were selected by Moscow.

This much I’m very comfortable predicting. I think this much is an easy call. (The reason that T, on Russia’s instruction, selected agency heads who abhor the existence of the agencies they were nominated to head is because Russia wants to destabilize the country, and destabilizing government institutions is the best start.)

I think the House flips in 2018.

The Senate is a tougher call, but given the 2017 election in Virginia, the Senate might flip as well.

The following is a wish, but it might just happen:

After T et al are banished, the reality that a shadow government ran the executive branch for 2 years, will sink-in to the American conscience.

What to do?

After the 2018 wave election a bill will be introduced in the House that mandates that, because T’s former administration was a puppet regime of a hostile power, that all of T’s appointments are voided. The bill will pass the house.

All GOP Senators will freak, but some will be unable to vote against the bill.

The bill is signed by the new POTUS, the Democratic Speaker of the House.

This will go to SCOTUS. Gorsuch will have to recuse himself.


Creepy uncle Joe paws at little girls and whispers to them , WTF !!


ITT: leftists discussed and tried to influence a foreign election, while ignoring Uranium One and keep yelling “RUssiA”.


I predict that the Democrats will eat up the coming blue wave and spit it out in another year of arguing and fighting about the virtue of their candidates as the antagonists in the right wing keep turning their crimes and offenses back onto Democrats even though there is no equivalence.

The media and the entire progressive blogosphere will happily go along with this and will wake up after the election in 2018 going huh, what happened, I thought we were destined to win, I mean, look at how virtuous we are.

Been there done that, am starting to think I will just sit it out from now on…


I predict Mulvaney shuts down the CFPB before Christmas.


@mobjack the US has been meddling in elections for a century and engaging in regime change when that didn’t work. This problem was going on before Obama was ever born. It’s a systemic American problem. The US doesn’t acknowledge the authority of the ICC so when you’re the lone super power, there’s no force to hold you accountable.


Great!!! Then Wall St. can begin their financial shenanigans again.


I predict that Trump himself will survive the Mueller investigation and will win-re-election in 2020 when the Greens or some other progressive coalition run a third-party candidate who siphons off just enough votes in a few key states to give Trump an extremely narrow EC victory over a weak and divided Democratic Party and ticket.

However, Trump will suffer a major health event soon after his second inaugural and will be replaced by Pence. RBG and Kennedy will be replaced by far-right extremists nominated by Pence, and the new Court will rule that Social Security, Medicare, collective bargaining, public schools, and all government regulation of any sort are unconstitutional restraints of trade.

The 2020s and 2030s will witness a gigantic outflow of the educated and skilled to Canada, Europe, Asia, and parts of South America.

By 2040 our economy and social structure will be essentially feudal, with virtually all wealth in the hands of a tiny number of corporations, churches, and unimaginably wealthy individuals who live in isolated compounds far from the impoverished, drug- and religion-addled masses. The federal government will be little more than a huge military and a compliant Republican-run Congress in Washington D.C. with all day-to-day administrative decisions made by state governments entirely owned by the feudal corporate lords who run things.

Education will be non-existent save for the children of the elite, and our economy will be dwarfed by the educated and increasingly-skilled workforces of China, India, and Europe. We will be dependent on technology we buy or steal from the industrial and technocratic countries elsewhere in the world, as the Republicans of the 2020s and 2030s finally realized their dreams of killing off higher education in favor of a national network of Christianist Bible Universities.

The Great Plague of 2053 will effectively finish off the country as a functioning modern state, as a completely drug-resistant flesh-eating disease kills or severely weakens 70% of the population, which was left defenseless because of the other great achievement of the Republican Party, which was the closing of the CDC, NIH, and every public health office in the country as “insults to God in his wisdom.”

In 2055, Russia will seize the moment and will invade and occupy Alaska, taking control of its oil and mineral resources, and the 103-year old Vladimir Putin will made a triumphant visit to the land formerly owned by Sarah Palin where he will plant the Russian flag and Orthodox cross to signify Russia’s retaking of its former territory. In 2060, Republican President Donald Trump Jr. will abrogate the Constitution and formally turn over ownership and administration of the United States to Russia. In return, Putin will crown Donald Trump Jr. Czar Donald I of the American Territories.


That’s quite out on a limb for a guy that can’t get to 40% JAR.


You didn’t read his entire post, which was sarcasm and clearly anti-Trump. Short attention spans and poor reading comprehension of leftists is the best thing that ever happened to the right. Thanks for illustrating that so perfectly.


I thought my sarcasm perfectly complimented his. I’ll try to keep things on a lower level for your understanding in the future.


So, I am predicting that Trump will survive Mueller’s efforts to bring him down. By 2020 Trump will be tired of being President, and will not seek re-election. In the 2020 election, Trump will go on a goodbye tour, having endorsed Pence. Pence will crush Kamala Harris electorally, and the GOP will ride the economic tide of more jobs, more jobs and more jobs (seems to be a theme there) to control both houses. RBG will be trying to “equivocate her way into heaven” and likely Kennedy as well. The new SCOTUS will make ratface Schumer curl up in a fetal position and whimper for crayons and stuffed toys.

Or something like that.:rofl:


Like Johnson in 68’. :roll_eyes:


Perhaps, but I think Trump will eventually become bored with the lack of novelty.

Besides, it is a gigantically tough job, look at how every president has aged in office. Trump is hammered every single day by all of the press but Fox- that has to wear on a person, and especially on a narcissist.

I really doubt he’ll seek a second term.