Politiforum Update


I just wanted to let everyone know that I will be running an update script for the server at 7:45 AM Easter Time. It should only take a few minutes and you probably won’t notice anything happening, but in the event someone is typing something very long please make sure it is saved.

I’ll delete this thread once the update is complete. I usually do this at night - but the World Series was on :beer:


A sad day in Cleveland. Perhaps they should have enlisted the Wild Thing to help.

Major league, one of my fav’s.


Sadly for the Indians Jobu didn’t bring his good luck! Can you imagine if the curse comes back? Baseball history was made last night in a big way and I’m really happy for Cubs fans. I remember what it felt like when the NY Rangers won the cup back in 1994 and broke the 1940 curse - this curse was around for much longer and the win was well deserved.


I’m a huge Tribe fan. I’m bummed. I have to admit, the better team eventually did win. That game was a classic!

I’m happy for the Cubs’ fans out there, but I’m sick of Cleveland sports teams being the slumpbusters for their respective league (recent Cavs exception noted).

Oh well. Great series, great ride …