Poll: 53% of MO Voters Believe Economy Better Than a Year Ago, Only 17% Think It’s Worse


Is Claire in trouble??

A new poll released Friday found more than half of Missouri voters (53 percent) believe the economy is better than it was a year ago.

The poll also found that a clear majority, 58 percent, of Missouri voters approve of the GOP tax law.

Both results are bad news for Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO). Missouri voters have watched the economy advance under Republican leadership, and it’s clear McCaskill, in the minority party and fighting the Republican agenda, has not done much about it.

To that end, McCaskill also voted against the GOP tax bill, which is putting more money in Missouri taxpayers’ pockets and, according to this new poll, is broadly popular with Missourians.

It’s one more sign this has been a bad week for McCaskill, who’s down eight points to Attorney General Josh Hawley (R-MO) in her reelection campaign.



My sister lives in Missouri and from what she has told me McCaskill’s time is up.


My sister is in Springfield and they are done with her.

Only the cities could possible save her with their unlimited number of dead.


Well when you add 313,000 jobs in February alone and add another 61,000 construction jobs in the very same month ,those 17% will have to get off the government tit and work for once in their life . I recall the only thing NOT stolen during the riots were WORK BOOTS !!! :wink:


I bet big screen TV’s and computers were in big demand during Ferguson’s “Fire Sale”


Do you find it curious that increases in employment were attributed to Obama during his reign yet today increases in employment are not attributed to Trump today?


Yes ,ALOT curious !!!


Well without claiming the work of other there would be nothing good to say about Obama now would there ? :laughing: