PORTLAND: Antifa mob threatens motorist and blocks traffic


Notice that when there are no conservative meetups to protest, they turn on the civilians and police.

The police also just let them do this on direct orders of the homosexual-pedophile Mayor of Portland, Ted Wheeler.


Blood will be on the mayors hand when someone shots these fools


Is Portland local media even covering this?


How in the world can a huge group of people brandishing weapons and standing in the middle of the street blocking traffic not draw police attention?


The police were a block down the street watching lol… they were told to stand down.


It’s a good idea to post things like this because the media ignores it. When Trump says turning the government over to leftists will be rule by the mob, he’s not kidding,


These aren’t people that should be abided by, period. Not by police, not by pedestrians, not by anybody.


This is a perfect example of the problems in our country right now. There are too many young, stupid and ignorant people who’s parents didn’t raise them right. MAGA!


Something needs to be done about the incivility of these fucking animals. …

When there is an infestation of a creature causing harm or distruction, you exterminate them…


The problem is that the cops WILL intervene on the “protestors” behalf if you stick up for yourself. And by intervene, they will come after you. It will require an organized effort to resist this, and eventually overturn it.