Potential Implications of Medicare for All


The Republicans in the Senate have until Sept 30th to pass an Obamacare repeal using reconciliation. What I’m curious about is, should Sen. Sanders have waited until after Sept 30th to push his single-payer plan? By pushing it now, did he just put wind in the sails of the Cassidy-Graham bill and repeal efforts? Did Sen. Sanders make a horrible tactical mistake?

I think he did.

Try to put your personal politics aside and look at this objectively.


If the Republicans repeal the ACA, then you can blame them for their actions. Should we blame Schumer and Pelosi for ‘putting wind into the sails’ of ACA repeal because they rubbed the GOP’s nose into their failure to get anything done? No either.

If the ACA gets repealed, Sander’s part will just have been the responsibility for drawing a bright line between the Parties.

I supported Clinton last cycle, and Sanders has done many things wrong in my view, but promoting good public policy is not one of them.


I don’t support any of his crap, but to answer your question…yes, he screwed the pooch. Politically, it would have been smarter for him to wait for the market to collapse then push his agenda. Instead, he struck too early and will easily be trounced. If anything, it should light a fire under the asses of Republicans to repeal. If they don’t he could still end up with the upper hand.


Neither is a system that encourages abled bodied citizens to sit on their asses and collect from WORKING TAXPAYERS .


Sanders vocally supported single-payer during the campaign. It’s not like he let the cat out of the bag early. He already did in 2016.


Ok, keep talking dogmatically about things you don’t know about. I bill insurance for doctors, Medicare and PI. Bill it right, Medicare pays and in 23 days. Bill it right to PI, and shoot it to the AR department because they’re going to deny the first, run you around on the second, say they didn’t get the third, ask for patient records on the fourth, (which is unbelievably onerous) etc., etc., what PI is doing is trying to get you past TF, if that happens, they don’t have to pay. We watch doctors right off tens of thousands a year this way. It never happens with Medicare. But here’s the main thing, the deplorables can wink at the trillions wasted on gratuitous wars and global occupation while bitching about single payer healthcare all they want. ITS COMING TO AMERICA!!! How much do you want to bet me, hmm?


It’s colossally stupid of the US not to adopt a single payer system and introducing it is right in the wheelhouse of traditional Democratic party values.

Let’s not wring our hands about this- it’s our heritage to demand that the government work for the good of the broadest segment of society which is the working class.

God, I’m tired of hearing that it’s pie-in-the-sky or that we can’t afford it or this will kill us in the next election.

We have to do it and the sooner we get on board without the namby-pamby apprehension, the sooner it will be realized.

Let’s finally shake off this austerity chimera which has been scaring us for forty years and demand that the government work for us again.

We are the richest and most powerful nation that the world has ever seen yet the wealth is being concentrated in the fewest hands that our nation has ever experienced.
Real progressives see this and are eager for this fight and I am one of them.


As @Montecresto1 said above " ITS COMING TO AMERICA!!! " … That may be true but be careful for what you wish for. Much is said about gratuitous wars and wasting of trillions of dollars but the war on poverty has been just as expensive and achieved just as abysmal results. We may indeed get single payer health care… then the world you see will be just around the corner and the mediocrity of choice and innovation will slow to a crawl… and just like Bernie’s deodorant analogy… you just won’t have any options except what the state feel you are worthy of having and believe me, whether it shows up in the form of gratuitous wars or the consolidation of power by peaceful means … a lot of people are going to die in the name of progressivism… or as as George Carlin would label it ‘Smiley Face Fascism’


Once again, try to give people eduction, medical access, affordable housing, or just about anything humanitarian and the right comes unhinged. But tell them you want to station troops all around the world, conduct regime changes wherever you need to do resource exploitation, kill innocent civilians, destroy property, etc., etc., and they’ll right the blank check, have at it. It doesn’t matter how many trillions of dollars is wasted on that, they simply don’t complain about that. But again, do something that actually helps people, oh hell no, we can’t do that.


I’ve never ben denied a service and know off no one denied.
Of all the people I interface with the only complaint is they don’t need the freebies and the expensive insurance offered today. But most are people who buy their own insurance not on medicaid. Interesting thing, I damaged a hip to the point of replacement. ( hang gliding)
All it took was an X-ray and the surgery was approved.

Perhaps 20 years ago people got the run around from insurance companies but that is gone. Insurance companies really don’t care as they are mandated by law to spend 80% of premiums.

Here’s the thing, Healthcare costs over 1 trillion per year and rises each year and the unfunded liability of medicare is 27 trillion dollars. Government run healthcare, medicaid, medicare, the VA are disasters and no amount of lipstick will paint the pig any prettier.

Don’t tell anyone as this is a secret. The money for wars is spent and there’s not a damn thing we can do about it other than not engage in yet another war.

I love your independent DEPLORABLES comment yet ignore the other side of the story, proof positive your a liberal in independent clothing.


Not to worry @feddo, single payer is coming to America. I’m taped into the industry, my wife and I have testified before the CMS along with hundreds of other billers and HCP’s and we’ve lobbied our states (republican) senators on capital hill. You may take this to the bank, single payer is coming to America and it WILL arrive with bipartisan support to the chagrin of the alt-right.