Pray for Poland this Christmas - 70,000 Without Power


A seven-year-old child was killed and over 70,000 people were left without electricity on Christmas Eve in Poland, which was hit by winds of up to 95kph early on Sunday.

A tree fell on a moving car in Koscierzyna County on Poland’s Baltic Sea coast. A seven-year-old boy was killed in the accident. His father, who was driving the vehicle, was hospitalized, Fakt24 website reports.

The severe weather has affected 10 out of 16 voivodeships in Poland, with strong winds bringing down trees, damaging buildings, and crippling power lines. As a result, over 72,000 Poles were left without electricity on Christmas Eve, the Government Security Center said. The worst situation is currently in Pomeranian Voivodship, where 53,000 were affected by the blackout.

Rescuers had to answer more than 700 calls to remove trees fallen on the roads and fix damaged roofs. The storm calmed around noon on Sunday, but meteorologist say they expect more strong winds in northern Poland in the evening hours, DobraPogoda24 website reports.


The Polish people are about as tough as they come. They will hunker down and get through this as they always do. It’s a terrible loss for the family who lost their child in the storm.


If the good people of Poland have the willingness to withstand the weight of the illegitimate EU bearing down on them, they will be fine with a minor inconvenience. As long as they can stay warm then maybe they can even focus on the true meaning of Christmas with their families without all of the distractions.


They are very tough and we wish them the very best . We pray for the family in their time sorrow .