President Bannon I Mean Trump Pens Letter to Chinese Leader for New Year




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The Trump administration has been ruffling feathers in China, but Sino-American relations may have taken a somewhat friendlier turn this week.

President Trump has broken the ice with Chinese President Xi Jinping in a letter, as a Reuters report put it. The missive thanked Xi for his congratulatory note on Trump’s inauguration and wished the Chinese people a prosperous Lunar New Year of the Rooster.

“President Trump stated that he looks forward to working with President Xi to develop a constructive relationship that benefits both the United States and China,” said a White House statement about the letter.

Pundits have warned that Trump’s decision to write a letter, rather than make a phone call, is “a further indication of the dark clouds now gathering over U.S.-China relations.”

But Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang offered this upbeat official response to Trump’s missive, according to CNBC:

‘We highly praise President Trump’s festival wishes to Chairman Xi Jinping and the Chinese people. China is willing to work together with the U.S. to maintain the principles of no conflict or confrontation, mutual respect, cooperation and mutual benefit in order to broaden cooperation, manage differences, and promote a greater development of the healthy and sustained China-U.S. relationship.’
Lu Kang, Chinese Foreign Ministry

Our President has some natural ability to be charming from what I hear. He can do a good job here if he can just stop stepping on himself.

Writing a letter by his staff was a smart move so he wouldn’t screw it up.

The Chinese like that, they can hold a letter and read it over and over to decipher the meaning of the words. This letter will go a long ways towards building the relationship.

That was a good move.

Brings my score to 7 vs. 8 positive/negative Trump moves so far.


We do need communication with China, but we do not need to maintain the type of relationship that we have had over the past few decades. China needs to be taught a lesson, respectfully.

  • The days of currency manipulation are over.
  • Massive trade deficits will be adjusted to reasonable and mutually beneficial levels.
  • There will be consequences for the hacking of our government information systems, corporate espionage, and violations of intellectual property rights.
  • Meddling in the South China Sea will stop.
  • Assistance to North Korea and Iran will end.
  • Finally, the snub the Chinese gave to President Obama will have a consequence (I did not approve of Obama, but a third world country like China should have behaved like the first world country they are desperately trying to be).


we focus too much on trade deficits. Our economy is moving to a technologically and service and medical driven economy, trade deficits don’t mean what they used to.

I agree but we also need to understand the problem China has…1.4 BILLION of them. They manipulate their currency (although much less lately) because they HAVE to keep their people happy and able to afford Levi’s, IPhones, and Buicks.

Otherwise if the population starts to get unrest that would be a BIG problem for us and the world. The last thing anyone wants is a destabilized China.


I am onboard with the rest of your points.


Y’all are way too meek.

The Chinese need to be hurt. Badly. They have been playing games for way too long. The argument about them cashing in on their Federal Reserve notes is pointless. The Fed Notes are just numbers on a computer. It would have no consequence on the economy. The leverage that China thinks they is a paper dragon.


the world is a global economy now.

those who don’t know this will be defeated badly.

there is a saying on Wall St.

Bulls make money…Bears make money.

But pigs get slaughtered.

the deal with China and Mexico for that matter could always be tweaked but to run in like a lunatic is just stupid and will leave us with a bad deal for those Americans in the Midwest that trusted Trump with higher costs all around and no more jobs than they have now.

there is a reason why being a lunatic is not promoted.

there is no future in it.