President Donald J. Trump Backs RAISE Act


Bill will create a merit-based immigration system that protects our workers, our taxpayers, and our economy

A SURGE IN UNSKILLED IMMIGRATION: For decades, low-skilled and unskilled immigration into the United States has surged, depressing wages and harming America’s most vulnerable citizens.

  • Our system does not prioritize the most highly skilled immigrants—just 1 out of every 15 immigrants to the United States comes here because of their skills.

    • On average, 1 million immigrants are accepted into the United States for legal permanent residency annually, and most of them are low or unskilled workers. This influx is the equivalent of adding more than the population of San Francisco to the country every year.

    • More than 50 percent of all immigrant households receive welfare benefits, compared to only 30 percent of native households in the United States that receive welfare benefits.
      Immigrants with a college education or higher are, on average, less likely to be welfare recipients than those without the same degree of education.

    • Since 1979, Americans with a high school diploma or less have seen their real hourly wages decline.
      American workers without a high school diploma have seen their real hourly wages fall by 17 percent.

THE RAISE ACT PUTS AMERICAN WORKERS FIRST: President Donald J. Trump supports the Reforming American Immigration for a Strong Economy (RAISE) Act to prioritize immigrants based on the skills they bring to our Nation while safeguarding the jobs of American workers.

  • The RAISE Act replaces the current permanent employment-visa framework with a skills-based system that rewards applicants based on their individual merits.

    • The system rewards education, English-language ability, high-paying job offers, past achievements, and entrepreneurial initiative.
      This system is similar to the merit-based immigration systems used by Canada and Australia.
  • The RAISE Act reduces overall immigration numbers to limit low-skilled and unskilled labor entering the United States.

  • The RAISE Act prioritizes immediate family members of United States residents, including spouses and minor children, but ends preferences for extended family members and adult children.

    • United States citizens needing to take care of elderly parents can receive renewable, temporary visas for them.
  • The RAISE Act eliminates the outdated Diversity Visa lottery system, which serves questionable economic and humanitarian interests.

  • The RAISE Act limits permanent resident status for refugees to 50,000 a year, in line with the 13-year average.
    A PROMISE TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE: The RAISE Act follows through on President Trump’s promise to the reform our immigration system to put America first.

  • President Trump on July 26, 2017:

    • “As we speak, we are working with two wonderful Senators, Tom Cotton and David Perdue, to create a new immigration system for America. Instead of today’s low-skill system, just a terrible system where anybody comes in.”
  • President Trump on February 28, 2017:

    • “Protecting our workers also means reforming our system of legal immigration. The current, outdated system depresses wages for our poorest workers and puts great pressure on our taxpayers.”

    • “Switching away from this current system of lower-skilled immigration, and instead adopting a merit-based system, we will have so many more benefits. It will save countless dollars, raise workers’ wages, and help struggling families – including immigrant families – enter the middle class.”


Trump needs to roll out a positive program every week to keep control of the political agenda. A new immigration law and new crackdowns on both illegal alien gangs and reverse discrimination policies on campus will steal the spotlight from anonymous leakers even if they achieve nothing else.


Lindsey Graham opposes the RAISE Act.

That tells you that this is legislation that will be good for our country!


This is smart and despite the liberal SJW meltdowns occurring right this very second, it’s not about keeping foreigners out, it’s about keeping unskilled workers out. You need to get into this country based on merit, or being immediate family. Even Canada has a similar plan!


The RAISE Act is probably the most aggressive move that can be made in the right direction. Those opposing it fail to see the value of shifting the trajectory.

It isn’t everything we need, but it’s a good start, and reasonable grounds by which we can weed out the members of Congress not needed.


Getting to the Moon was a multi-stage project. So is getting immigration fixed in America. Take the wins as they come and push those in office to vote yes.


We need this guy in the Whitehouse pressroom to deal with Acosta…

Appears Gateway Punddit picked it up a while ago…


Stephen Miller took it to NYT’s Glenn Thrush…

He handled CNN’s Acosta with equal skill. as posted by @AngryBarista here:


Harry Reid when he was atleast a little more sane… I guess ‘voting patterns’ in Nevada changed… or his money men did…

He was none to bashful about using the words ‘illegal alien’ mothers, either


I thought he handled Acosta like a well reasoned, well adjusted, and well informed gentleman. I want to see more Miller up there.


opps… my bad… posted the same link twice… good catch. :+1:


Acosta needs to move to a neighborhood that is mostly unskilled refugee immigrants living on welfare and speaking foreign languages if he loves them so much. He’s nothing more than liberal drum beating scum.

I would have asked Acosta, a thousand ships arrive tomorrow with 100,000,000 people. How many would you accept? And how many for the year?


How can Graham possibly be a republican???


I noticed an article yesterday about Canada reaching its predetermined limit… because of the departure of illegals from the US… Perhaps Trudeau will start getting the same kind of flack as Obama for his ridiculous multicultural globalist policies. Maybe Stefan Molyneux could spend a few years telling truth to power… He is far more eloquent in his delivery but just as brutally honest… He would trigger the left just as much as Trump… Yes, I think so… Stefan Mollyneux for President of Canada.!!


It’s one thing to create this standard, it’s another to see it actually enforced. There’s a shitload of underhanded ways these monkeys get in here, the worst of which is the “family re-uniting” shit where if one of these street shitters or dog munchers gets in here, they can bring the rest of their entire family here with them.


Trump is weak. The sponsors of this bill get lots of money from Israel lobbyists. They can’t be trusted. Trump needs to issue Executive Orders halting immigration from all countries that aren’t primarily white. If the liberal Obama judges try to block it then Trump should take a page from the Clintons. The minute a few of these judges wind up with multiple self-inflicted gunshot wounds to the head or in plane crashes the message will be received.


Guess what? Things are genuinely really fucking bad right now. Things suck for the lower-middle class; everything is expensive. I live in the cheapest place I can find in walking distance to my job, and I’m very lucky that it’s cheap AND reasonable quality. Most Americans are, in some combination, in crippling lifelong debt, have no savings, are out of a job, living and starving on the streets, without healthcare, addicted to some substance, fucked in the head, and being told that they are the problem with the world and need to step back and let these poor souls have a piece of the greatness that we have monopolized for a hundred years.

The economy is going to crash VERY hard within the next couple of years. They say citizens would riot if they didn’t get internet access, but fuck that, most people are going to just find themselves on the street without any food or clean water. The government is going to default, tens of millions of jobs are going to go away, and people are legitimately going to die. Do you really want to wait for someone who is willing to go full 14/88, when there’s any way we can work to stem the tide?

We HAD that. His name was John F. Kennedy, and he was assassinated for outwardly opposing the established elite. He opposed Israel’s weapons program and the Federal Reserve. He sympathized with Hitler. He was loved by the people, and he was cut down in his prime with the blame pinned on some hapless patsy.

What we HAVE RIGHT NOW is Donald J. Trump. He plays the media like a fiddle. Everything he says, even if it’s not outright true, is designed to further his agenda; Trump knew this job was going to be hard, and he wants the media to think he’s an idiot so he can fuck with them more. He’s surrounded by enemies, beset by people telling him NO! on all sides, and he’s STILL making his agenda happen. He’s laying the groundwork for major changes, and making incredible strides with some lucky strokes in draining the swamp, fixing immigration, fixing education, and many other things.

You are scared that half-measures aren’t going to be enough to fix the issues we have. You want a man that will goose-step and heil his way to a stage and immediately name the Jew. You want someone that will run on a platform of full 14/88. You literally want a man who’s one-year campaign promise will be a holocaust, followed by the immediate deportation of all non-white citizens and illegals.

News Flash! The confluence of events leading to the rise of Adolf Hitler may never be repeated. Donald Trump is the closest thing we have right now, and he’s taking a measured approach to actually help the real people who are in trouble. If the salt coming from leftists is anything, then you should be happy that white people are getting any fucking help at all; it’s not like Obama was going to throw us a bone, and Clinton’s campaign was literally, “Fuck whitey, all da KANGS and refugees get their money!” He may not be 14/88 enough for you, but I’ll take any help I can get.


This was actually funny but I don’t think the thought process is too far from the norm in America. I was working in Japan and working on a simular project was a retired Air Force guy… Good natured, friendly and good at his job. We were working over Thanksgiving and he asked if my wife and I would like to go to Iwakuni with him for Thanksgiving dinner… having had several Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners at a messhall both as active duty and a dependent, I accepted the invitation in a flash.

Anyway, long story short, when we were headed back to Tokyo we got in some discussion about the influence of US troops around the world. He made the comment that because of the US military so many countries could now speak English… My British wife just had a chuckle…


I don’t know that I personally care about that or for that matter even identify with that. I am of the firm belief that if you have a common culture any number of ethnic and racial groups can live and prosper quite well… but when you somehow create reverse discrimination and call that legitimate, when you invite into your community people who could care less about your laws or customs… thats were I want a strong law and order kind of guy… my reluctance with trump is that he is still big government and still hasn’t managed to understand that he needs to pull the plug at the bottom of a very deep and slimmy cesspit…


Personally, I think we should not care whether the immigrants come in or not, immigrants have been shown to be a net positive for the economy in terms of wealth generated rather than being taken. If we’re gonna solve the unemployment problem I think we’ll need UBI.