President Donald Trump has reduced the National Debt by $100 B since he took office


When President Trump took office January 20th the total national debt was nearly $20 trillion. While there are fluctuating cycles of increase and decrease the debt reached a high of $19,959,593,604,841 on February 28, 2017, stalled, and since March 14th 2017 continually dropped.
Total U.S. National Debt has now decreased by over $100 billion. *Note: That’s five times more than is needed to build the Southern Security and Border Wall.
While there have been no major legislative achievements during the Trump presidency thus far, there has been a massive reduction in the nation’s regulatory burden, spurring business activity (and thus enlarging the tax base).

Trump Rally in Phoenix Arizona

And all we hear about is how much Trump is costing the Secret Service - which is a totally fake story by the way. None of the “journalists” bothered to read the official statement on the matter from the Secret Service.


This is SHOCKING. If these numbers are correct, the POTUS’s policies have lowered the National Debt by $100 billion. (Yes, that’s billion with a “b.”) All the while, the government has been running - national parks are open, and service members are getting paid. Kudos, Mr. President!


And not as much as Obama GAVE to terrorist Iran in the backdoor deal the democrats love so much .