President Obama Blames Dallas Shootings on Open Carry Laws


Obama has just blamed the Dallas shooting on the open carry laws in Texas. Obama also said that the actions of the shooter do not reflect the views of the black community. More to follow as the press conference is occurring right now.

Obama has also claimed that after 2 black men were recently shot by police who were defending themselves, America must recognize it has a significant race issue. But, after 5 white officers in Dallas were murdered by a black man who expressed an interest in killing white people and white police officers, Obama says that America must not judge from one incident.


Obama Logic:

  • Black terrorist kills multiple white police officers: “How would I know why he did it”

  • White cop kills black criminal: “Well he did it cause he’s racist”


This man leaves no opportunity to convince the public that they need to disarm themselves… He made a comment yesterday about ‘powerful rifles’… now along with hand guns and ‘assault’ rifles, we add firearms like the 257 Weatherby … a great bolt action hunting rifle with a 3 round clip… … Nah, he doesn’t want to come after ALL of your guns…


@Scott what also makes me sick is that Obama named the two black men who were shot and repeated their names on multiple occasions throughout his speech, but he failed to name a single police officer who was killed by this BLM terrorist.


Next Up… High Powered Assault Trucks… but so as to not show any discrimination we must still give illegals drivers licenses…


What does Obama blame for all the black murders in gun control heaven named Chicago ?