President Trump and Kim Jong Un - We Just Keep Winning!


Monte,before I joined Freebird I was and still am support better relations with Cuba. Wi6 Fidel gone,there’s a chance for better relations if they would be honest about the Embassy employees sonic sickness. Schmobama would throw money to a country thinking all problems are solved.
President Trump believes in being TOUGH but FAIR, He’s giving Kim one chance to stabilize the Korean Peninsula. It’s up to him,not us!!! President Trump didn’t have to do any ASSKISSING or GROVELING, unlike Schmobama to get Kim to the meeting.
Kim is smart enough to know, probably with Communist China’s "prodding ,that it’s in his " best interest " to negotiate with the U.S.
Hopefully he will improve the lives of of his people to reduce underground activity to unseat him.Only time will tell and this is way for him to save face.
Schmobama and HRC are more interested in blowing a lot of smoke up our ass,than actually doing anything constructive.
So Monte,continue to hold your grudge against President Trump and CRY IN YOUR BEER while the rest of us support President Trump. :woman_zombie:


Uhhhh, as I recall Obozo loved to be photographed in front of a huge mural of Che Guevara; he was a kindred spirit.

[quote=“Montecresto1, post:20, topic:9003”]
Conservatives, including Cuban-Americans and others, see Obama’s outreach as a disgraceful embrace of a government whose practices and human rights abuses betray American values.

True that.

Yes, but there is an enormous difference (I’m not surprised your blind hatred of Trump prevents you from seeing it)-

Cuba is a regime who has used imprisonment mostly to deter dissent, that had little more than aging Russian low level military hardware for use on it’s own people. The only thing Cuba could do is cut off cigar exports.

North Korea is a regime who has used imprisonment mostly to deter dissent, that has nukes and higher level Russian and Chinese military equipment-and a 1.4 million man army, as well as thousands of cannons and missiles in range of Seoul.

The two have to be handled differently- that’s not hypocrisy, it’s diplomacy.

Good grief, let’s see- NoKo did nothing but antagonize and make bellicose threats up until this year. The only thing China did was help by not buying NK’s coal exports. I don’t like Trump as a person, but he’s actually doing things in office. I don’t agree with everything he’s doing, but your desperate hatred of him is starting to look pretty silly.


Come on John… what happened to engagement… I mean we gave up on Human Rights Abuses when we got into economic bed with China…


The North Korean regime is thee worst dictatorship on the planet and your love affair with the TIC has BLINDED you to your own filthy hypocrisy. The fat ass TIC has now declared that the murderer is “funny, smart, a great negotiator with a good personality who loves his own people”. That’s where you’re at Doc. That’s the filth that you’re supporting. But this pushes the TIC even closer to ruin.


Well, he didn’t say he ‘loves his people’… he said ‘he loves his country’… but beyond that, perhaps… just perhaps,he recognizes and ego when he sees it. He already got Kim to expose his throbbing jugular vain over the ‘little rocket man’ comment…


The United States has been sold this same bill of goods by North Korea before, but this president has paid a higher price for it than any before him. What Kim received is elevation to legitimacy, on the level with the rest of the worlds leaders, yeah, on the level with Trump. He was patted on the back, he was given the concession of discontinued joint military exercises on the peninsula (infuriating the other participants like Japan, who were not forwarned) and an opened door for US troop withdrawal. He returns with the greatest propaganda present he could have ever hoped for. North Korea is united in jubilation today while the United States is further torn in polarization by a complete amateur, a blithering idiot, a fvcking moron as Tillerson declared. And meanwhile, our historic alliances and allies are collapsing. Maga baby.


Trump said he’s a great negotiator. He did get Trump to travel to his neighborhood for a one on one, got a discontinuation of US/SC joint military exercises, an open door on US troop withdrawal from the peninsula and an open door to a White House visit. Trump…got dick!!! :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


My username is montecresto! And every president since Nixon has addressed China’s HRA. Excepting the TIC.

The strong civil society and democratic institutions of the United States were tested in the first year of the administration of President Donald Trump. Across a range of issues in 2017, the US moved backward on human rights at home and abroad.



Would you prefer that we maintained a state of war with North Korea instead of working collaboratively to denuclearize?


I was a supporter of the notion of US troop withdrawal from Korea when Carter first suggested it. Had we done that then, we wouldn’t be talking about a nuclear North Korea right now…so there’s that. Otherwise, there’s no NEW indication that North Korea is collaborating on any such thing.


Give me a break… pandering to the subject isn’t addressing the subject. If any of those presidents were serious China wouldn’t be holding so much of our debt and we wouldn’t be shipping our jobs to China. Not one president has told China that they will not grow economically until they address their human rights. The US had that power and to some extent still does. Once again it appears that the US and its president MUST be actively involved in sorting out the rest of the worlds problems when we have plenty at home to sort out. Of course for a rather large subset of America, GDP and the distributed tax base that accrues from it are the only real think in America that is important. I always go to the CFR for my foreign diplomacy information… Outside of a clear globalist agenda that fuels itself on conflict, the CFR and most of the government who are members of it aren’t particularly concerned with Human Righs… just the optics…


And with his brand being manufactured in China, the TIC shows any concern, snicker.


Funny that you’d speak as though that’s troubling when the TIC publicity declares that he likes conflict, shrug.


Their is a difference between confronting people over perceived wrongs or differences and being part of a political consortium that have and do support both sides of a conflict while generating profits and power.


They’re not merely perceived…


Everything is perceived, some correctly, some not.


Actually, I’ve been consistent in framing US troop deployments as a global occupation of sorts, and I’d prefer drawing all that down. But civilly, orderly and diplomatically without the sophomoric Twitter diplomacy, that I find both humiliating and dangerous.


There is nothing humiliating about Twitter if one doesn’t use it.


You are likely right but it is also likely that South Korea wouldn’t exist and ‘unification’ would have been on terms not favorable to a vibrant economy.

Speaking about Kim’s cameo appearance and the high stakes to his reputation over whatever deal he and Trump worked out, he told his people too.

Confirming what occurred during the unprecedented summit on Tuesday, the state-owned Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) asserted that the two leaders would discuss a “permanent and durable peace-keeping mechanism” on the Korean Peninsula, denuclearization of the Korean peninsula, and other issues of concern to the two nations, SCMP reported. KCNA has not yet reported at press time on the summit since it transpired.

Of course this to could be spun domestically in a way that is to he favor but he has at least laid it on the table to his people… not normal protocol for him.