President Trump and Kim Jong Un - We Just Keep Winning!


Wow… that sounds as self absorbed as another new member on the forum…


Apparently Obam could have had this moment, but he didnt.


Defending the presidents gratuitous flattery and wildly mischaracterization of the most murderous deprecating dictator on the planet. Apparently it has escaped the trumper just what Kim has and presently is doing to his people.


Let me guess Trump always takes the blame RIGHT ? :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:



You nitwits were falling over each other to give praise to jerkoff Obama for GIVING $ 150,000,000,000 to terrorist that preach DEATH TO AMERICA and they won’t allow verification . That money went to ISIS and was used to kill AMERICANS ! :roll_eyes:


And Iran ??? What do they have going ??? :roll_eyes:


Of course. And the Kim regime destroyed their nuclear capability over the night.


No… but his last test severely curtailed his ability to do any more underground testing… without boring out a new mountain…and that happened in a flash…


North Korea became a nuclear power. Testing was completed some time ago on Trumps watch. They’ve promised to end their nuclear program near a dozen times in the past. Instead they went on to complete it.


Maybe because for all the previous presidents saber rattling over Nuclear NonProliferation, none of them actually meant it an so, here we are…


I see this topic has triggered the liberals. And I must say I find it rather amusing. All of a sudden it’s become a big deal how Kim treats his people. The hypocrisy runs deep with you Democrats.

You all don’t have a problem filling your homes with crap made in China where people are paid crap wages and live in shitty conditions. Or purchasing those high dollar athletic shoes that are made using child labor. You don’t have an issue driving that car made in Mexico where the cartels run the country.

KIm is a POS and most likley will always be a POS. However, America has traded with these POS’s for decades and few people gave a crap.


And the TIC who has his products made in China and staffs his properties with foreigners tells you and I to buy American and hire American.

Your selective criticism of hypocrisy noted for posterity.

Maga baby


That’s a pretty lame argument. Nice try…


Well, you’re on the wrong page with that.

“He’s funny, smart, strong, a great negotiator, loves his people”

Better get on the right page badrobot.


Show me the actual quote that says that he ‘loves his people’… I told you before that you are spreading fake news…


Yes, I posted this in the thread in which you falsely accused me already proving that you are the liar. But here it is again.


You apparently posted it after I had said you were wrong and I did not return to the thread because you posted it to ‘Freedom’. The article I read said that he ‘loved his country’ and perhaps he said that too… At anyrate, I stand corrected. my apologies…


Yes, in the same breath he said “he loves his country and his people”. Of course, NOTHING could be further from the truth.


And neither do you. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Our products could be cheaper to if we wanted to live in dormitories and work the hours and days they do.:face_with_symbols_over_mouth: