President Trump Cancels White House Invitiation to Stupid Stephen Curry



Don’t want to stand with The Don… fine… don’t want to visit the house slaves built… fine… don’t let the door slap you on the ass on the way out…


He had no problem visiting the White House when Obama was President. Militant mulattos like to stick together I guess.


Let’s end the tradition of these worthless sports teams and out of touch athletes going to the White House permanently - the only exception being Olympic athletes that represent America.


Of course Goodell would come out and take on the president over his comments about ‘Kicking them Off the Field’… Goodell and the team owners will have no choice when people stop buying tickets and leave the stadiums empty… the only bad thing is, the franchises will fold up shop without any real lost and leave the empty stadiums to the cities that financed them…


Like clockwork.


I am so proud of myself, I had to use DuckDuckGo to see who Stephen Curry was. My purging my life of professional sports is making great progress.

I have no time for this nonsense these days, much better uses for my time and money.


Um, Curry already said he wasn’t going …Trump “Withdrawing the invitation” for somebody who already stated that he wasn’t going to attend is kinda like cancelling the American Manufacturing Council after everyone already stepped down. What a bratty, spoiled little bitch …

I was rooting for him, but unfortunately this man proves on almost a daily basis that the Office of the Presidency is simply too big for him. He continuously confirms my father’s, a lifelong Republican, rather humorous dismay about the Trump administration - we put Vince The ShamWow Guy in the Oval Office.

What a joke …


While their was some speculation as to whether the Warriors would accept Trump’s invitation… Trump withdrew the invite not just to Curry but the the Warriors because of Curry… He may have beaten them to the punch but they, as a team, had not declined the offer…and now, they as a team are not invited to the whitehouse…

It is humorous… and it is somewhat tragic… The transformation ability he had at hand was tremendous… ego I am afraid will ruin any chance of getting control of this progressive lead state of affairs…


He was voting for the entire team not to participate.

Trump then rescinded the offer to him and to the entire team.

It’s not a joke. People being disrespectful to the President of the United States is totally out of hand. If being honored for an accomplishment is too much for these SJW crybabies to handle, then don’t bother showing up - invitation cancelled. How many people do you invite into your home to reward THEM with something while they talk shit about you and the people who care about you?



Did you think that it was disrespectful and out of hand when the previous president had to endure 3 years of knuckleheads, including and especially our current president, questioning his citizenship?

Politics is tough. If you don’t like it, go home. But if you wanna play, you better invest in a good sturdy cup.

But quit being a petulant crybaby in public.


I don’t know the specific sequence of events, nor do I care much (as you know, Scott, I’m a Cavs fan, lol).

I did see that Curry stated he wasn’t going to go to the WH and the Prez did mention Curry by name.


Questioning someones history particularly since he sealed most all of his educational transcripts attended church with a radical preacher and hung out with terrorists is not quite the same of unproven accusations of treason, people creating images of him being beheaded and elected officials actually calling for his assassination… I remember a rodeo clown that got fired for wearing a commercially produced mask of Obamas likeness… :roll_eyes:


I really don’t want to re-litigate this, but I’m gonna ask to make a point & then let it go:

How many other presidents did we demand birth certificates and school transcripts from? And if we didn’t, then why not?

That was rhetorical, you don’t have to answer using all the old bullshit (which is exactly what is) justifications used by those pressing the issue at the time.

Just food for thought …


I don’t know any others that grew up praying in a mosque in Indonesia or have a communist father in Kenya eather… might be over reaction but at a minimum Obama was no less different ideologically than Trump is rhetorically… and some people have asked if Trump was even born…


I get it , you prefer the smooth talking lying ones those that rule by Executive Order and spy on MILLIONS of Americans along with friendly World leaders someone that uses ALL 8 years dividing the Nation black against white . Someone that releases TERRORIST and funds terrorist nations like Iran who happens to be in bed with NK and the nuclear destruction of several Countries . Why am I not surprised ! :laughing:


Minus of course the professional athletes that play olympian.