President Trump Fires FBI Director James Comey


Good riddance - President Trump finally got rid of this two-faced piece of shit. Now, maybe he will do something about the former Democratic frontrunner for President. I remember him enjoying all of the “lock her up” chants.


About time somebody got fired. Trump is finally starting to crack down.




I’m not at all pleased with the situation. For all of Comey’s flaws, Trump gets to appoint the next FBI director. It won’t be an improvement.


This is like the release of the Nixon Tapes. All downhill from here.


All down hill…

Like Nixon…

It won’t be an improvement…


All I have to say is, “People, get a grip.”


I think Trump just made the calculated risk that no matter how bad it looks, it was better than letting Comey continue the investigation.

I see the MAGAs here rejoicing. One can only imaging their reaction if Clinton fired the person charged with investigating her … heads would be exploding.

This is not gonna end well, folks. Not at all.

tick, tick, tick, tick, tick …


Trump thanked Comey for saying three times that he was not a target of the Russia investigation in the letter he sent firing him.

I do believe that we just saw the opening of the door for a special prosecutor.

So much winning! LOL!!!


After being the evil genius, then the bumbling Clouseau, then the evil genius, then… This is a Rorschark firing- you see in it what you want to see. Comey was pulled back by Lynch, and so did not press on HRC having her attorneys destroy evidence already under subpoena- if he had, liberals would have really lost their minds and demanded his head. Instead the orange one sent him packing and liberals think Lincoln’s been assassinated all over again.

Comey will tell all if there is any all to tell. His career in public service is over as both Democrats and Republicans hate him.


I know a Sheriff from Milwaukee that wears a cowboy hat that would make a fine FBI Director.


Yes, that’s correct. Trump played the hand well. He already knows that the MSM is going to spin this into the “Russians” narrative. By including that tidbit, he forces the MSM to either abandon the false narrative that he was under investigation, or admit that Comey was a liar and should’ve been fired anyway. Hell, he even broke this in the middle of the week, when it’ll get prime coverage.


Putin is next.
Leave no witness alive


This has been way overdue.

Comey got paid by the Clinton Foundation and was the Clinton’s lap dog for years. The only reason he reopened the Hillary investigation is because tons of other FBI agents were threatening to defect and revolt if he didn’t do his job and go after her after he pissed them off by being a blatant shill and letting her off the hook even as he said she broke the law.

Comey is a rat whose only motivation has EVER been to save his own skin.


It is ironic that Flynn and Comey have been let go allegedly for lying in an Administration where devotion to that practice is normally a requirement for employment.

Now - can we manage to begin the process of penalizing Comey for violating the Hatch Act. The only penalty seems to be removal of pension. Comey should not be permitted to collect a penny of his.


One could argue that Comey got President Trump elected with that last minute shit he pulled on Hillary so this is extremely funny. MSM must be losing their goddamn minds right now.


I love that ever since the election Hillary and her shill machines smug their asses off when something can be perceived as even incidentally positive for them, like Le Pen losing, then are promptly blown the fuck out by something else within the week and are right back to tearing their hair out in pure existential dread.

It keeps the salt flowing.


While I greatly appreciate you informing me, on three separate occasions, that I am not under investigation, I nevertheless concur with the judgment of the Department of Justice that you are not able to effectively lead the Bureau.


Well… Comey isn’t exactly a special prosecutor and he does have some history that makes his leadership suspect. It is interesting though; had he fired Comey when he was first inaugurated and used the excuse that his dealings over the Clinton emails was poorly handed on many levels, democrats would have cheered the move…


I guess the Clinton Foundation must have been miffed that Comey would scuttle HC’s campaign at the final hour after paying him to be lap dog for years as you fabricate… I’m sure Trump didn’t fire him for the allegations he can flesh out re Putin’s role in this election.


Loretta Lynch put Comey and the FBI in a box when that Arizona reporter caught her on that plane with Billy. He was a dead man walking. An ethical person would have resigned on the spot.

Another Clinton corpse.