President Trump Fires FBI Director James Comey


Of whom might you be referring… Comey… Lynch… or Obama?


Comey lied about the number of classified emails found on the laptop . He seem to be covering for Hillary which seem very apparent when he claimed Hillary did not intentionally break the LAW !! WTF ???


Speaking of Nixon, the Saturday Night Massacre did not work for him.

Comey can sue. I think the post-Hoover law says he serves a term and can only be fired for cause. The courts have said the President can fire anyone in the executive branch. A suit leads to discovery.

Firing someone for a phony reason is never a good idea. If its is discovered or decided by a jury that the Russia investigation was part of the decision and Sessions was involved that would be a problem since he recused himself.

This will not help house Republicans in 2018.


Honestly, can’t you come up with something better than Watergate for comparison? Why don’t you wheel out Woodward and Bernstein to get the bottom of this.


He “seemed” according to whom? Comey may take large credit for Trump’s own win- WAS THAT HIS OWN IDEA? not likely- yet he may also pose a real and present danger to exposing another (fatal) core flaw in Trump’s presidency. That Trump wants to discredit him, not unlike some of his wild claims against HC, is patently obvious. When he is inevitably subpoenaed (assuming Trump’s Ass. AG is not a puppet too) Comey’s revelations will out anyway.


Your president made you vulnerable to us, ISIS!!



The half of the country that didn’t think that he ‘seemed’ to be collaborating with the Russians to help Trump. As far as discrediting him, one must remember that the dems were calling for his head not too long ago… only when he ‘seemed’ to be doing something dems found useful was their outrage… Hillary would have fired him for cause and while the timing my look dubious, I don’t think that Trump shoots from the hip quite as much as dems think.


Most with a brain ! Since when does intent to break the law enter the picture ? The very fact HC deleted CLASSIFIED emails and allowed thousand to be found on a perv’s laptop is enough to land ANYONE in a Federal prison for the better part of 20 years ! Hell your nitwitted democrats were calling for his head just a few months before and now you all flip . :grin:


Half of this country (aside from the millions more that voted HC and those growing ranks of remorseful buyers) may not even be bothering to think at all. Why else the record low approval ratings of this prez?

Comey was accused by Dems of putting all his eggs in the one basket that would presumably politically serve him in November- politics over country. On the brink of redeeming himself by putting country over politics again Trump fired him- and may have further cut off any investigation that Russia actually did corrupt our election process. Before Trump’s own part in such a scheme was uncertain. Now? Not so uncertain.


.[quote=“Mark1, post:30, topic:3507”]
Comey was accused by Dems of putting all his eggs in the one basket that would presumably politically serve him in November- politics over country. On the brink of redeeming himself by putting country over politics again Trump fired him

Sounds like ideological waffling to me… either he operates with integrity or he doesn’t… I wonder if he had fired up the ‘lock her up’ line of inquiry would the democrats be talking the same way… I don’t think so. I don’t think that his dismissal will have much effect on investigations going forward. I think that who ever he chooses to replace Comey with will be a staunch enforcer of law but not a yes man/woman like lynch and holder…anyone who resembled their ideologically driven bent would draw fire from just about everyone…


According to Trump & Co Comey responded to the president three times that this was not an investigation (yet) of The Don’s complicity in the matter, rather an investigation simply as to what Really happened- amidst all the rumors and hints of evidence. The timing of his ousting gives credence, however, to the idea that Trump fears what will turn up under the lens of such an investigation.By returning to politics as usual- and that swamp that Trump is counting on to do his bidding- we may never have answers to these persisent questions that could further erode, emasculate, this administration.


Mark … Mark … Mark… lets not reduce this to the typical left wing ‘unnamed sources’ kind of discussion… It was, in fact, the words used in Comey’s termination letter… their is no ‘according to’ about it.

People can create hyperbole around any string of events… the fact is, not one person brought forward to testify from NSA Clapper to anyone else has stated that they can even find any smoke. Now, I want to see these investigations done with integrity no less than you… we just see the important things a bit differently… like holder and gun running… lynch and highly inappropriate meeting and Obama and friends unmasking and disseminating ‘select’ names far and wide…

Let me ask you this… if it is proven that Trump met with a Russian agent and truly had no idea that they were an agent of a foreign government, but no mal-intent could be proven, would you press for impeachment?.. and if so… would you hold Hillary’s dealing with government correspondence to the same level?


But Hillary’s not the sitting prez, Scott. The pro-Trump folks keep deflecting and conveniently omitting that fact by constantly throwing her name out there in response to every allegation made towards President Trump.

Even if Hillary/her campaign was under investigation and she was eventually charged, it would not create the Constitutional crisis that bringing up charges on a sitting president would. Would it create a circus? Yes, but that’s it.

I will say this … If you simply substituted the name “Clinton” for “Trump” in every story relating to “Russiagate”, the impeachment process would have already been started for Obstruction of Justice by the Pub congress and every single Trump supporter on this board would be screaming for her head.

The confirmation bias here is ridiculous. I am genuinely shocked at how tribal this country has become.

Smart people have shown themselves totally willing to ignore all this very strong evidence of wrongdoing - the Prez/his campaign has been under investigation since last year. General Flynn, Trump’s NSA, was allegedly compromised by the Russians, fired almost 3 weeks after the Prez was advised, and just subpoenaed by the Senate Intel committee yesterday. The Senate Intel Committee’s request to the Treasury’s Financial Crimes Division for financial info on Trump and his people. Trump’s sons publicly confirming his family’s revenue streams from Russia. And of course, the firing of Dir Comey shortly after his office requested more funds from the Deputy AG to “ramp up” the Russia investigation - citing conspicuously suspicious reasoning that Trump disapproved of Comey’s handling of the Clinton email investigation in July. Lol. Wow …

But the idea - the slightest notion - that Trump and/or his people may have done something illegal here remains totally preposterous to the MAGAs. “Nothing to see here!” “No evidence!” “Fake news!” “Not even any smoke!”

Yet they’ll believe wholeheartedly, without question, and without any even circumstantial evidence other than what they read on some blogs, that former First Lady, Senator, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is running a kiddie sex-ring out of the basement of a pizza joint in Orlando. It’s absolutely stunning to me …

Independent council needs to be appointed to spearhead the ongoing investigations if for no other reason than to put the issues to rest. Let’s appoint Ken Starr if we have to. I don’t really care. The quicker this gets done, the quicker we as a nation can move on. Right now, it’s tearing us apart.

With 2018 looming in the not-so-distant future, it seems at this point that more than a few Pubs are coming around to this conclusion too. Many are weighing whether or not it would be wise to remain handcuffed to what may ultimately be a dead hooker of a president. With regards to the Comey firing, many Pubs are saying that the Admin’s account of events seem ridiculous or they seem to be silently thinking it. I guess we’ll see.

Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick …


I have not advocated for impeachment re an unknown circumstance.

I do wish to know what DID happen. It SEEMS as if Trump is trying to obfuscate, to stifle any investigation about the Russian alleged intervention on a US Presidential election. I would like to find out if there was any clandestine relationship- financially or politically- between Trump and Putin. Is that unreasonable?

That the Donald seems actively uncooperative seems to me suspicious. That does make me wonder at the timing of this apprentice being fired. HC was thoroughly investigated repeatedly. there are those who question the final judgement. I expect the same diligence from those Republicans who pursued the “Truth” so avidly concerning both Clintons- as well as Obama’s birth certificate.

That’s all.


Give me a short list of people you would trust as special council for your wet dream.


I really don’t care as long as that person has a decent track record. Really. Like I said, I’d be fine if Ken Starr were appointed.

And make no mistake, my friend. This is no “wet dream”. This is a national nightmare and it needs to end …


No go ahead, name someone.

Humor me.


For the 3rd time, Ken Starr.


I’m positive that Ken would just love to be dragged through the Clnton swill again.

Fact is the mini orgasmic brain fart of the left ain’t got a chance in hell of ever getting off the launch pad. Seven months ago, if you remember, voters gave both levels of Congress, and the executive branch to one party. And it ain’t the party that’s led by someone who keeps a server with national secrets in her closet, or shares those classified secrets with reprobate Carlos Danger for printing services (You just can’t make this shit up, but then again Carlos is from NY).

Tic tock, tic tock, is going to be a long time till 2024 honey.