President Trump has decided to end the 2012 deportation amnesty for young adult illegal immigrants, Fox News reported Thursday, citing a senior administration official


By Stephen Dinan - The Washington Times - Thursday, August 31, 2017

President Trump has decided to end the 2012 deportation amnesty for young adult illegal immigrants, Fox News reported Thursday, citing a senior administration official.

The report said an announcement could come “as early as Friday” — though the report didn’t say exactly what Mr. Trump’s decision would entail.

He faces several options, including refusing new applications but allowing the nearly 800,000 current enrollees to continue to renew their amnesty; halting the program in its tracks, which would prevent new applications or renewals, putting a two-year sunset on the program; or revoking it altogether, throwing those now protected back into a legal limbo.

Mr. Trump faces a Sept. 5 deadline, imposed by Texas, for deciding what to do.

If he doesn’t act, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said he will force the issue to federal court, where analysts said the amnesty, known officially as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, is on flimsy legal footing.

Despite the legal challenges, immigrant-rights activists have urged Mr. Trump to fully defend the program and keep it running. They have said any other decision will be seen as racist.



Trump needs to deport all DACA parasites now. Stop the 3rd world invasion!


They are better off leaving. America has nothing to offer natives let alone dreamers, the kids will be shot up with vaccines, drugged, and turned into LaRaza SJW zombies who cant speak English.


Deporting those brought here as children who have lived most of their lives in the US in no way keeps us safe. This is only about hate.


This is another disgusting and hateful example of the racist in the occupier. Dianne Feinstein shows us a what real leadership and compassion looks like. Shame on all of you for wanting to hurt innocent children. Shame.


@LouMan can you make a title that is actually about the subject for once? I only clicked on this thread because I saw @Dan replied.


Hard to turn back now. He’ll suffer massive loss in support if he allows the establishment to pressure him into keeping DACA alive.

I’ll also personally sign up to put these thieves on boxcars back to Mexico


See, this is a discussion not unlike the one about abortion. Reasonable people will say that a women in distress, has been raped or forced to have sex against her will and becomes pregnant should have access to the best possible care… but the left take that reasonable approach and turn it into a social get out of jail free card, where the choice to get pregnant in the first place is of no consequence…

The left don’t what secure borders… they don’t want a sovereign nation… The chant “No Trump, No Wall, No USA At All” is just shy of being official democratic policy… admit it. So the idea that a reasonable person should not punish a child who was brought here with little will of their own is indeed compassionate and American… The problem of course is that it must be the illegal parents and the aunts and grand parents and 3rd cousins twice removed that also get a pass is the real issue…

We solved this problem in 1986… we were going to secure the border and have verified employment and and and… All of those ‘ands’ were the trade off for an amnesty of 3million people… that turned into 9million with extend ‘exemptions’ and then of course came the flood that border security was suppose to prevent…

Just how many people can you take into your house before you drown in your own generosity. Seems that a study by open borders Musk kind of let the cat out of the bag when his own report… in support of open borders made a slight slip of the tongue when it said that if Trump canceled DACA it would free up 700,000 jobs for American citizens.

Wanna cut a deal… then negotiate with the people who actually love America as a sovereign nation…


Dan, in exchange for allowing the children some over 30 years old to stay shall we immediately deport their families with no hope of re-entering the US and never be eligible for citizenship?

Seems like a fair trade.


Legalize now, enforce later. But, it’s clear that philosophy doesn’t work.

Didn’t work in 1986 and won’t work today.


Bye Bye Dreamers

Go BACK to Where YOU Came From


Your pictures are a bit off

Roughly 936,933 immigrants between the ages of 15 and 30 might immediately meet the requirements of the deferred action initiative. They comprise 53 percent of all potential beneficiaries.


Trump will never run
Trump will never recover Mexican comments
Trump will never reach 15%
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Trump will never recover Muslim comments
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Trump will never win OH, IA, NC, FL, PA, MI, WI
Trump will never ever be President of United States
Trump will not kill TPP
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Trump will never bring jobs backs
Trump will never cancel DACA
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Trump will never build the wall
Trump will never abolish Common Core
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One step closer to the wall. One step closer to the crackdown on sanctuary cities. I don’t think I have enough popcorn for all of this.


I have noticed that you guys tend to travel around in a pack… I think we have talked about groupthink before… :smile:


I’ll see your Dianne Feinstein and raise you a James Woods.


Zuckerberg’s group is lobbying the President to keep DACA. We don’t have these advocacy groups for American workers because it’s not profitable for corporations.


Let’s put another spin on this situation. Thank you Donald Trump for sending these wonderful people back to the countries they came from so that they can use their emense skill sets to help their fellow citizens!

See how easy it is to properly frame these types of issues.


When I see children used in this way to send a political message… I know from the bottom of my heart that their parents and the ‘activists’ who put them up to it need to be removed immediately…and the children after having receive such good indoctrination are unlikely to be harmonious to the society so… they should hold their parents hand on the way out…


This pic shows the real results of DACA in action.

Never ever help someone who has no respect for your country. The fact is we have absolutely “0” need for immigrants.