President Trump has decided to end the 2012 deportation amnesty for young adult illegal immigrants, Fox News reported Thursday, citing a senior administration official



This should make everyone absolutely sick.

We experience this in a very real way at Microsoft. Today we know of 27 employees who are beneficiaries of DACA. They are software engineers with top technical skills; finance professionals driving our business ambitions forward; and retail and sales associates connecting customers to our technologies. Each of them is actively participating in our collective mission to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. They are not only our colleagues, but our friends, our neighbors and valued members of the Microsoft community.

These employees, along with other DREAMers, should continue to have the opportunity to make meaningful contributions to our country’s strength and prosperity. Instead of ending DACA, our policymakers and legislators should enact the DREAM Act or other permanent solution for DREAMers — a goal that continues to have bipartisan support.

Although the silver lining is that there are 27 jobs for American citizens that will soon be opening up at Microsoft.


Personally what I think has happened here is Trump

  1. fulfilling a campaign promise
  2. and more importantly forcing the hand of congress with respect to immigration.

In that regard I am not to confident that well well see anything different than we did in 1986… a promise of border security (and of course democratic cooperation for tax reform) for the amnesty of all children brought to the US as minors. This amnesty, because the senement is so high that you don’t break up families will allow the actual people who violated our immigration laws to remain as well as extended family members out to God knows how many cousins.

Their will be some feeble efforts to show strength for border security… for a while and because we have a rather vocal bunch of non sovereignty open border types, no doubt enabled by the next progressive president, they will create an even bigger wave of immigration thus killing any remnant of what looked like the United States of America.

All of this will happen because Trump wants tax reform and democrats will hold the cards in that negotiation… No wall, no stronger employment verification…


Really invested, 27 out of 2.5 million.


That looks like a group of scum that should be fast tracked to MEXICO !!


Most of them would find the mestizo blood diluted quite considerably by their Spanish masters… Raping, pillaging and plundering south and central America was a Spanish and Portuguese thing…


It is time to get on the phone, write letters, send emails and get vocal about your position on immigration. Trump’s canceling DACA forces the hands of congress. What we are likely to get as a result is essentially open borders immigration. Oh, it will have provisions for enforcement just like the 1986 amnesty did but as we have see with every president culminating with Obama, appropriations and determination will evaporate. Any law that comes out of congress now will likely roll up all of the ‘exceptions’ carved out by each and every president so that they didn’t have to face a political backlash. You can bet that ending DACA will just about end our southern border… Now is the time to get just as vocal as any leftist about how you feel immigration into the US should be run…

By ending the executive action called DACA… congress will act… Beware Comprehensive Immigration Reform…


Trump clearly wants to revoke DACA. He campaigned on it. He pardoned Arpaio, who rounded-up hispanics in a bizarre policy of Maricopa County ethnic cleansing.

But Trump keeps putting-off announcing his decision.

So the question is: Will Trump pull the plug on 800,000 “dreamers” or not?

Obviously, he wants to. But so far he has not.


I’m guessing he’s being told all of the following by a whole raft of people:

“Mr. President, if you want to super-charge Democratic voter turn-out in November of 2018, undo DACA.”

“Mr. President, if you want to spark riots across the country, undo DACA.”

“Mr. President, if you want if you want the terms ‘bigot’ and ‘racist’ attached to your name in the MSM, undo DACA.”

“Mr. President, if you undo DACA and afterwards ever say publicly that you are not a racist, a white supremacist, a fascist or a bigot, you will be ridiculed,laughed at and called a liar by politicians, notable citizens, journalists, and TV talking heads across the country and across the planet.”

"Mr. President, in general milenials do not vote. But if you want to galvanize them into a united force against you, undo DACA.

On the other hand, Trump desperately wants to repeal DACA and his base desperately wants him to undo DACA.

No wonder Trump keeps putting off making an announcement.

Talk about a squeeze. Undo DACA and the racists rejoice but the rest of the world lumps you together with David Duke and the Le Pen family forever and labels you as scum.

Leave DACA alone and the base makes lots of noise about feeling betrayed.

This, I think, is what his advisors are telling him.

I think he is looking for a way to dump this on Congress.

He will end-up saying something like this:

"The question of illegal immigration cannot be addressed by executive order. One president does one thing, the next president does the opposite. It whipsaws the country and presents us as weak to those who would come here illegally.

I have directed the leaders of the House and Senate to come-up with a long term policy that no president can undo.

We must have secure borders or we don’t have a country.

I expect fast action from our elected representatives in Congress.

I’m waiting, with my pen in hand, to sign a real immigration reform bill that solves all our immigration problems."

I’ve made my prediction. What do you guys think Trump will do?


Here it is.
Congress has decided to not work with Trump.

Now they have to make a decision.

The Dems will be shouting for gee.

The GOP are forced to act.

Either the house GOP do what they ran on or work with the Dems to craft an amnesty bill which will need 60 votes in the senate.

Trump was 100% correct killing the illegal amnesty DACA executive order. President do not write law, they enforce it.

Don’t tell anyone, it is congresses job not the presidents to craft law.

p.s. It has nothing to do with racists ATIFA supporter but the rule of law. Something the country was founded on.


Falling like dominos , I love it .


While I think you are correct, I suspect this his heart is with strong border controls and after seeing how congress, particularly members of the Republican party can be counted on voting with the Democrats, he is in a dilemma.

As it stands (by executive order) approx. 800,000 dreamers are protected but their families are not… turning this over to congress is a lot like turning the Constitution over to an Article V constitutional convention… you have absolutely no idea what will come out the other side…


Not to mention it is a congressional issue.

All the left and RINO’s have to do is come up with a 2/3 rds majority to over turn a veto.

The upside it will show the entire country what their representatives believe and not necessarily what they say.


Yes, here is a “dreamer” who paid thousands into social security using a a stolen identity / fake social security card - which is a federal offense. Hopefully he paid for his own deportation.


Twitter is a gold mine for this type of nonsense. I’m seeing this nonsense all over from the economically illiterate. Workers aren’t irreplaceable, these companies will fill their vacant positions, use overtime temporarily, like they do for any other employee that leaves the company, to maintain productivity. Hopefully this time they fill the jobs with American workers instead of illegals, who supposedly were never taking our jobs to begin with.


President Donald Trump will face significant backlash from Congress, including from members of his own party, if he goes through with ending protections for young immigrants who were brought into the country illegally as children. While Democrats are overwhelmingly united in their effort to preserve the policy, some influential Republican lawmakers have signaled support as well for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA, instituted under the Obama administration in 2012.

“It is right for there to be consequences for those who intentionally entered this country illegally,” Sen. James Lankford, R-Okla., said in a statement Monday. “However, we as Americans do not hold children legally accountable for the actions of their parents.”

The president is leaning toward ending DACA, but with a six-month delay, possibly giving Congress a window to fix the program, two sources told NBC News. The decision, which was first reported by Politico and is likely to come Tuesday, is not final until it is announced, the sources added.

Republican lawmakers, including some of Trump’s closest allies in Congress, have publicly spoken out against the decision they say would unjustly punish those who did nothing wrong.

“I don’t think he should do that. I believe that this is something Congress has to fix,” House Speaker Paul Ryan said during a radio interview last week.

Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah, one of Trump’s top conservative defenders in the Senate, also released a statement last week advocating for DACA’s survival.

“I’ve urged the president not to rescind DACA, an action that would further complicate a system in serious need of a permanent, legislative solution,” Hatch said. “Like the president, I’ve long advocated for tougher enforcement of our existing immigration laws. But we also need a workable, permanent solution for individuals who entered our country unlawfully as children through no fault of their own.”

Others in the GOP, including frequent Trump critic Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., expressed support for the measure they say is necessary to undo an executive action they viewed as overreaching.

“If President Trump makes this decision we will work to find a legislative solution to their dilemma,” Graham said in a statement Monday.

Immigration hardliner Steve King, however, is pushing for an immediate end to DACA. He tweeted that the six-month delay is “Republican suicide,” giving the GOP a chance to push what he called “amnesty.”

On Tuesday Trump will end DACA protections and defer deportations for 6 months to give Congress an opportunity to fix the DREAMer problem through legislation. The Democrats and Republicans will come together to fuck over the American people once again. It’s the only time they ever work together.


This is bullshit. Commies and RINOs had 8 years to give the these little asshole dreamers citizenship under a commie president. They wait until DACA gets revoked to do anything. If they really cared that much about the dreamer beaners, why didn’t they do something earlier?



An executive order that was illegal unchallenged by congress.

Remember that little thing called separation of powers?

Presidents do not write and enact law, congress does. Trump merely righted a wrong forcing congress to finally do their job.

It should be an interesting game for our leaders who we elected who ran on immigration issues.


Good point. Either way, if he gives them six months it’s amnesty…the law is already on the books. Congress needs to do nothing. He needs to revoke DACA and let ICE do their jobs. We already have immigration laws and these “dreamers” are in violation of it.


Lindsey Graham: ‘We will work’ to find legislative DACA fix

Sen. Lindsey Graham said Monday he would support legislation protecting beneficiaries of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program if President Trump gives lawmakers a window for finding a legislative option before canceling the program, which he’s expected to announce Tuesday.

“If President Trump chooses to cancel the DACA program and give Congress six months to find a legislative solution, I will be supportive of such a position,” Graham said in a statement. “I have always believed DACA was a presidential overreach. However, I equally understand the plight of the Dream Act kids who — for all practical purposes — know no other country than America.”

Graham, R-S.C., with Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., has already introduced legislation to legalize DACA’s some 800,000 recipients.