President Trump has decided to end the 2012 deportation amnesty for young adult illegal immigrants, Fox News reported Thursday, citing a senior administration official


DACA was a suspension of law enforcement via executive order, beyond fucked. Trump could’ve ended it on day 1 like he promised. When Obama was President the Republicans now talking amnesty were saying the shit was unconstitutional.


He didn’t end it because going this way puts the blame on Congress rather than on Trump himself. It looks good to the sheep – ‘hey this was unconstitutional overreach, so I gave Congress a chance and also gave the illegals 6 months to make arrangements’ – if you don’t think this appeals to the sheep and makes Congress look bad when they fail to accomplish anything, I don’t know what to tell you.


Don’t worry goy, the decision has already been made.


Guess you don’t quit understand the entire story.

  1. Obama wrote an executive order.
  2. The executive order was a limited amnesty for illegals. Wrote a law.
  3. Operation of powers states the executive branch is responsible for law enforcement.
  4. Congress wrote laws, not presidents.

Writing another executive oder to correct an illegal executive order is the correct process.

Put the blame on congress??

It puts the responsibility for writing a law if needed in the hands of where it belongs CONGRESS.


While I am not unsympathetic for the children caught up in this, and am emotionally willing to consider an amnesty, this cannot be permitted until we have strong border security that cannot easily be tampered with by a future President. Or, more succinctly: I yearn for a rational leadership class.


Well, I agree with @IronLung in as much as the last congress knew that Obama’s executive order was overreach and contrary to standing law and they did nothing. His executive order rights the process and either congress acts to change immigration law or its open season on all illegals. Obama has created another entitlement program (Approved by congress due to inaction) and just like canceling any other entitlement, it comes at a political cost to someone.


This of course is the purpose of the wall and everyone knows it… hence the pushback. Their are far to many open border globalist of the communist class in our country… they of course are the reason you are unlikely to find a ‘rational leadership class’.


The more I think about it the more I think that the president should just outright cancel DACA with immediate effect. I had, for some reason overlooked that fact that congress has had years during Obama’s tenure to 1) object to executive overreach and 2) to legislatively change the immigration laws … and they have had 8 months to react to Donald Trump winning the election on a strong immigration platform yet they have don’t nothing.

They (congress) don’t of course want to go on the record because we all know that these poor children… some 800,000 by last count are only anchors for another 10 to 30 million relatives… because we just can’t split families up.:sob::sob::crying_cat_face:


Probably the biggest over reach and abuse of executive power is when a president writes law. The left loves it until the order is reminded then the howling begins.

Many people in this country ignore the fact that the separation of powers is violated by a president who choses to write law and equally as troubling is a congress who refuses to act against that order.

It is costing Colorado a great deal as our newly transplanted liberals in the state houses and our liberal governor have given illegals graduating from HS at the tax payers expense citizenship status so they can receive cheaper college tuition.

No one in the state seems to care as it doesn’t;t impact them directly.

Either people are so uninvolved, indoctrinated by the left or stupid not to think this is a magnet for illegals to come to Colorado.


This is a particularly mean-spirited action for Trump to take. It is painful to watch the train wreck. Dreamers and their cause are frequently highlighted in Spanish language media. We are a country that needs young people, it is incredible we are about to expel nearly 1,000,000 motivated young people. They are a group that is probably far more conversant with how our country works, and far more motivated to contribute to the country than the average Anglo kid of the same age.

This will ruin families and destroy lives. If he is truly committed to ending the program, it will be a moment to take to the streets, contact representatives and senators and generally make it known we embrace these young people. They represent the best of us. We cannot abandon them.


Understand that this is an article by the Washington post… Slightly less biased at the time of its writing (2013) but with a clear stance on just what it will take to ‘fix’ the mistakes of the 1986 amnesty.

Their main point of course (keeping in mind that we are talking about the poor dreamers) is that when the 1986 bill was signed, a cut off for those who were eligible was assigned. Anyone who fell outside of this date… I.E. came to the US after the cut off would still be considered illegal. Their was no mechanism for dealing with this remaining illegals. It points out too that all most all of the actual legal and enforcement remedies had been stripped. (that of course was because some people in this country do not like or want the sovereign nation state of the United States of America). So, illegals continued to work… enforcement was lax and the problem rather than being fixed was compounded … primarily by business who wanted cheap labor.

The fix of course is that ALL illegals must be covered… and ahhum err… strict laws and enforcement will be put in place… So, this is of course not about dreamers at all… its not even about dreamers parents… its about every person who decided to jump the que and enter without authorization. It is about democratic votes and the continued relevance of the democratic party and for some it is about the nail in the coffin of the nation state called the United States of America.


We are either a nation of laws or we are not.

We either have borders or we do not.

If we do not enforce the southern border we opn the country to the world, not just Mexico, central, south America.

Mean spirited was allowing illegals into the country without repercussions.
Mean spirited was Obama creating law by executive order.
Mean spirited is not allowing everyone into the US when we allow our souther neighbors are access to the US.
Mean spirited is US tax payers paying for illegals while ignoring US citizens.
Mean spirited is allowing illegals to work in the US depressing wages in the US.

Mean spirited is the left and poole like yourself protecting illegals ignoring the harm to American citizens.


Returning to the rule of law…


DACA is an unconstitutional act that President Obama created using an Executive Order that allowed children who came here illegally through parents to stay here until a proper immigration system can be given to them. They were in limbo basically and they no longer are.


This didn’t go far enough. Way too soft.

Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals (DACA) will be rescinded by a memorandum from Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Elaine Duke, effective immediately. No current beneficiaries will lose their protected status for six months, but no new applications for DACA status will be taken after Tuesday. Those already under DACA who have already applied for their two-year renewals will have those requests processed. Those whose status expires in the sixth month grace period will still be able to apply for their two-year renewals until October 5, 2017. A senior DHS official made clear that those illegals whose DACA protection is pending and who leave the country at any time will lose any possibility of receiving that protection.


We have a legal immigration system including laws today.

The problem is lax enforcement of our laws.

And of course lax enforcement of employment law and zero enforcement of the subcontractor enforcement giving employers the facade of legality.


I see the MSM once again misrepresenting the nature of the DACA program, claiming it’s about ‘children’. DACA lets adults who long ago arrived illegally as children stay here. Most of the affected people aren’t even minors, let alone children, because they grew up into adult illegal immigrants.


Pretty interesting how they ignore the illegality of the DACA executive order and of course the person who set this mess into motion and the attempt to as Sessions put it, a return to rule of law.



Think about it.

Most republicans ran on a immigration platform.

If they pass reform allowing the DACA adults to stay in the country they betray the people that sent the to Washington.
If they don’t pass reform the other half is pissed.

The safe route, do nothing as they have been doing for the last 8 years.