President Trump Illegal Immigration Advertisement: Democrats Are Complicit


In just 30 seconds, Trump re-establishes himself as the law and order President, doubles down on illegal aliens as murderers and brands the Democrats as accomplices.


Just like Obama seems to have had ‘lots’ of preprinted signs to show off the shutdown an lay blame, seems Trump did to… only this one is justified. Republicans wanted negotiations on a budget item in the budget… Democrats are attempting to tack on a non budget item…


Also shows me that this is a non-negotiable item for the President


Funny that’s so clear to you, it certainly isn’t to republicans.


I don’t think that they are ‘confused’ about his stance except through their own cognitive dissonance. He has been quite clear as to what he wants… They, particularly Graham are attempting to obfuscation this discussion about DACA with ‘Phase One’ and ‘Phase Two’ . Comprehensive immigration reform has little to do with DACA and should be part of ‘Phase Two’… but the reasons for having the DACA discussion in the first place are because of the failings of basic immigration enforcement… If you want another amnesty then fix, once and for all, the problem that got us here for a SECOND time and that should be dealt with in ‘Phase One’.


Not really. As long as Miller isn’t the last man in the room to talk to Trump, as Ann Coulter correctly pointed out, Trump is VERY negotiable. We know that “A BILL OF LOVE” :heart:️ Is not what the fringe of Trumps base wants. :blush::blush:


President Trump hosted a bipartisan group of lawmakers at the White House on Tuesday to talk about revamping the nation’s immigration policies. During the meeting, Mr. Trump told the group that he hoped to come up with “an answer for DACA” and said it should be a “bill of love” while remaining firm that his long-planned border wall would be part of any DACA agreement reached.



You are no doubt correct… the ‘fringe’ probably want every single illegal removed… period. But the ‘Bill Of Love’ was never meant to be a repeat of 1986 and it was never meant to cover any group broader than the 650K of DACA. I know… I know… people want to twist that into ‘Dreamers’ (800K)… the namesake of a bill that was never passed in congress. Along with the resolution to DACA a reasonable person would concede that rules should be put in place to prevent the ‘problem’ from happening again… that’s where we have a problem with ‘The Other Fringe’.


Smart politics the WH and the Trump’s admin. are playing. Feelings vs. feelings, in the age where “facts” dont matter anymore.


At least two facts holds true. Illegal immigrants are nothing but filthy pieces of shit who need to get launched back over the border. Democrats are responsible for all murders illegals commit…fact.


Wow, you’re going to hate it when the TIC signs “the Love bill” for dreamers.


And your TDS affliction allows you to forget $30 billion to build a border wall, put an end family reunification migration and the diversity visa lottery program, mandate the use of “E-Verify” to ensure employers only hire legal workers, allow the Justice Department to withhold grants from so-called sanctuary cities and increase the criminal penalties for deported criminals who return to the U.S. illegally. And finally charge employers and officials that violate our LAW . Need not worry we will keep you posted ! :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


Sounds like a government Stevie John would fit it with for he is always void of those pesky FACTS ! :laughing::laughing::laughing: