President Trump Plans Grand Military Parade in Washington, DC


Not so fast !

Inaugural Parade for President John F. Kennedy (Abbie Rowe via John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum/White House Photographs)

Some of the largest self-propelled howitzers in the Army’s inventory rolled down the streets of New York on January 12, 1946.

Army tanks move along Pennsylvania Avenue in the inaugural parade for President Dwight D. Eisenhower on January 21, 1953.

A Nike Zeus missile is showcased President John F. Kennedy’s inauguration parade.

A Navy A-7 Corsair jet was pulled down the streets of New York in June 9, 1991.



Hogwash, our wars are creating them.


Are you crediting the United States with creating radical Islam and the global salafi jihad? If so, you have no understanding of Middle East history.


Monte, How is the US its own wars . I agree Desert Storm was a mistake based on selective Intel and G Bush’s ego. Syria and Afghanistan aren’t.


No, just for creating the power vacuums in which they grew and thrived in.


Hussein, Mubarak, Gaddafi and Assad, none of them gave any quarters to Islamic extremists. Al Qaeda followed the US into Iraq from Afghanistan. The Islamic State formed in Iraq in October of 2006. It spread from there. Libya was an abuse of UNSCR 1973, and the reason Obama couldn’t get a UNSCR for the use of force in Syria.


I think a 4th of July review would be great! I say make it Bragg! Got an AF base attached (we could import some fighters from Seymour), there is a USMC camp near by and they got AV-8B aircraft. Have a blue angels flyover…


This cost 12 million 27 years ago. I thought conservatives were, well…conservative. What a frivolous expense.


It costs nothing. The wars do not actually cost much. It is the crap they add in that costs extra.

The military is already on payroll. The munitions used would have been phased out or destroyed…


Good points… Thank you. We have always included military marching units and band in various parades but the inclusion of military hardware is actually pretty rare. I can see the bravado after WWII… I can even see it with Eisenhower but why Kennedy felt the need, I am not sure. I still don’t think we need to flout our ability… we just need to spend the money to have a military that is second to none in defense… and we need to scale back the
execution of the idea that ‘a good offense is a best defense’. I know that Obama has worked to tarnish the reputation and indeed the appeal of being a member of the armed forces, but I’m not sure that a military pass in review in front of someone like Trump is a good idea…


Less we forget this fight was brought to America by Islamist terrorist !!!
This my friend is not hogwash the west is in a fight for survival it time you woke up the world around you !

This is the results Islamist terrorist their is only our military keeping the subhuman scum at bay .


The need may be the same as our opponents !
A show of force to deter a foolish adversary . Eight years of sequester has all most certainly hurt our readiness !
American citizens should be able to see the brave people that stand in harms way protecting our nation !Parades are good way to show our military how much we support them !


We live in a rather strange cultural vortex as you know. The run of the mill American has little attachment to the military forces with have spread around the world to… ostensibly spread global hegemony. From the outside looking in, military adventure has little to do with protecting America and the bravery of those who sign up to fight these conflicts are in the words of a california teacher are:

“Think about the people who you know who are over there. Your freaking stupid Uncle Louie or whatever. They’re dumbs‑‑‑s. They’re not like high-level thinkers, they’re not academic people, they’re not intellectual people. They’re the lowest of our low.”

The people who understand the value of the troops themselves already know… they are the families and friends of this .5% of the population who are willing to do the nations dirty work. The people who know the scarifies made by these dedicated people are the veterans who have ‘been there and done that’. You can’t transmit that kind of dedication and loyalty with a parade

A parade does little to raise the profile of a military that has not ‘won’ a war since WWII. Of course its not the troops fault… it is Washington. While Trump may wave the banner of the soldier, he hasn’t shown the desire to bring them home… give them a rest from adventurism created by business and political opportunists who keep their children far away from the action… and we still have far to many vets seeking care where none is available.

Parades come at the end of a successful campaign to defend our homeland… after the bills are payed to care for every injured soldier… and after we actually build, without question, the premier fighting force that a parade is suppose to project.

Coming from a military family, I understand the disrespect that the soldier gets today… but in some ways that has come from a society that has decided to pay someone else to do the hard work for them and a government that is far more interested in using their big stick for everything other than defense.

If this parade is about national pride, I would suggest that only getting into conflicts that are absolutely necessary with equipment that is second to none, by leaders who are determined that only a decisive win is the goal and when it is all done, we bring our people home and give them a parade… If it is about recruitment, those same things will do more to build a dedicated fighting force than a small boy getting excited by a tank in the streets…

Or… as Rand Paul says… bring our troops home… then throw a parade in their honor…


Americans seem to love parades !
Why is there a problem with a parade of soldiers and their tools ?
If we had more parades we may have more people wanting to become soldiers !




Yes it is hogwash when you refuse to acknowledge why Islamic extremists, back to OBL himself, hate the West/America to begin with. Decades of wars in the Middle East which has destroyed immeasurable infrastructure and death of hundreds of thousands of innocent lives. Keep supporting more of the same.


Most all of them are privately funded and while they do have marching units it rarely requires the public dime moving around a battalion of tanks…

The problem here is that you and I see the US military differently. The reason that we have endless wars of dubious purpose is because the people are not connected to the members who serve and while you may entice a kid to want to drive a tank (boy that dissolution wears off quick), the problem with our foreign policy is that it is just to damned easy to get into a war without the general population feeling much pain. A good many people do not have a person in their circle of acquaintance who is in the military… A kid leaves home after school and his classmates soon forget him… he has lost his tie to the community. This of course is the consequence of our ‘Modern All Volunteer Military’. Previously we had a standing military that was small… highly processional and driven. They were the teachers of our active and inactive reserves. Those people, the vast bulk of an assembled army, were teachers, mechanics, builders, doctors etc… When the government wanted to engage in a war they had to convince society that the war was worth communities loosing their friends and professionals… Now, we have active reserves that do nothing but rotate to war zones… they are no longer part of the communicates conscience… Parades do nothing to fix that broken connection…


RA166XXXXX Are you proposing a new draft ?


The biggest mistake the US makes is not having an exit plan before starting a military action like Desert Storm and Vietnam .
There’s nothing wrong with the parade except the Looney Tune Liberals being upset . They wouldn’t care about the expense of a6 parade to honor HRC.


Not necessarily but the government actually engaging the citizenry on whether the people would rather they have their plumbers, street sweepers, and numerous other members of their community stay at home or engage an enemy that THEY consider a worthwhile cause… continues wars payed for by the taxpayer to maintain an active standing army we will never get any handle on our MIC and the constant state of war the US is unofficially in, in the name of ‘national security’.

Are you suggesting that our foreign policy of having troops in 120 x countries and quite often sticking our nose where it really doesn’t belong… and of course at the root of it all a group of money men who derive their entertainment and profit by watching peoples children come home in a box?


While you are right that we never had an exit strategy… (nation building, in the case of our democratic pompom wavers, never really does.) With respect to Vietnam, the subject is as complicated as is our entire foreign policy. Some well meaning people wanted to ‘fight communism’ but when you look at the failure rate of communism when left to its own devices, what was the fight really for? Of course our entry into Vietnam actually showed us just how important engagement in Vietnam was to our governments Constitution mandate of ‘provide for the common defense’. While the term ‘Nation Building’ wasn’t really a predominant feature of foreign policy as was the stop of communism… we were determined to turn SVietNam into a little democratic Asian America… We just followed in the footsteps of the French… the same country that kicked NATO out of France…

To me the threshold for war is that we shouldn’t go into it unless it is urgent enough to fight to the death and for our civilian population to be engaged to the point where they too have something more at stake than a line item on a 1040 form…