President Trump Plans Grand Military Parade in Washington, DC


These Conflicts become a real Pain In The Ass . We should have helped Ho Chi Minh like we should have after WW ll. Possibly avoiding the mess we got into.
Nation building isn’t our job and thankfully President Trump understands this.


Not so. The entrance plans are the problem. If our military was used strictly for defensive purposes as its constitutionally desisgned for, then we wouldn’t be talking about exit strategies. But as I pointed to last week, the Pentagon sees itself as an offensive force used to secure global resources. THAT’S the problem.


Not just retired generals calling out the TIC’s fantasy to look great.


People can make compelling argument on both sides of this issue. If it was Obama, it would be hypocritical but accepted with little fan fair… but because it is Trump, some people just can’t let go of their bitterness …



There is already a thread on this.


Oh thanks. Perhaps the mod will merge them.


Just try to compare what Obama did in 8 lousy years for our military and what president Trump has done in 1 short year !!! :roll_eyes: shrug


Obama created them !!! shrug


Americans LOVE parades and so does our President !