President Trump Slams AG Sessions for Keeping Clinton Shill Andrew McCabe on at FBI


President Trump is not holding back this morning. He’s now blasting Sessions for keeping Andrew McCabe on board at the FBI. McCabe was in charge of the Clinton email investigation and his wife received big dollars from the DNC during the middle of that investigation.


CNN is literally falling into Trump’s trap.

This Dem congressman Ted Lieu just admitted that he would normally support Sessions resigning, but because Trump wants him to resign, he no longer wants Sessions to resign because he’s the only one preventing Trump from firing Mueller.

This way when Mueller flips the script and starts investigating the DNC, the MSM will look like total hypocrites if they don’t support and report on the investigation.

This whole Trump vs Sessions feud is an elaborate good cop, bad cop ruse being played on the media by Trump.


CNN is now praising Sessions when just last week he was a racist KKK bigot who needed to be removed. I think you might be on to something here.


You could be right… I mean during the campaign Trumps own words started the chant ‘Lock Her Up’… and after he won he appeared much more magnanimous. That bit of benevolence did not get rewarded and the only what to get to the bottom of this Russia thing is to pull back the curtain on Obama, Clinton and the DNC…


This could be the good cop, bad cop diversion you are talking about… Draw in the dems… and knock them out with a plastic barrier…


He’s right. McCabe should be gone. Is President Trump waiting for the recess so he can make recess appointments? AG Sessions, should Fire McCabe. He’s an Obama holdover who is already in legal trouble. It isn’t clear that there is going to be a Congressional recess, and we need one to Drain The Swamp. :frowning:


CNN is refusing to show the 2nd half of Trump’s tweet about FBI Acting Director McCabe that points out his wife taking $700K from Hillary Clinton.


If McCabe had done something illegal he would have lost his position at the FBI. Since nothing illegal happened there is no story and this is just Trump throwing red meat to his conspiracy theorist base.


What… Like leaker Comey… who you hated and then loved? Or Like Wasserman who still serves in the Senate? Or like Waters who ‘serves’ one of the poorest districts in California from her 4 million dollar mansion?.. Pelosi is another corrupt individual and Harry Reid, had he and his BLM thugs not been confronted, who have enriched himself even more with a Chinese deal… No, I am afraid that being corrupt does not automatically see you removed from high places… but it does give you a lot of background knowledge to throw mud at other people and make it look authentic… Hillary knows, ask her.


Trump is a bully and as a result of his bullying he has the capacity for bringing out the worst in those around him and exposing their inner moral decadence or decay. I have an idea about the reason why this is true: at his core, Trump is the snake-oil salesman who promises his marks an easy path to their deepest desires. Trump reminds me of Melville’s Confidence Man, the shape-shifter who can make himself appear to be what others want him to be. When Trump makes one of his empty promises of easy solutions to complex problems, he effectively presents others with the question, “what would you be willing to do if I could make all of your dreams come true with a snap of my fingers?” For many people, who have no principles and no integrity, the answer to that question is “anything.” So those people end up doing whatever it is that they think Trump wants, just to hear that magical finger snap. Of course, there is no real solution, the dream never comes true, and the only thing that is realized is the corruption of Trump’s followers. In The Confidence Man, the truly disturbing thing was not the moral vacuity of the grifter; rather it was the willingness of his marks to compromise any principle or belief to get what they wanted. This is why Trump attacks his own so frequently.


In fairness, the same can be said of 90% of the pols with a (D) after their names.


Oh look… other people want to know about McCabe as well… those darn bullies… Seems that this Judicial Watch suit has some interest in H.R. McMaster’s association with McCabe too…

And McCabes associations with the DNC and Gov. Terry McAuliffe

As well as all things McCabe with respect to his travel and expenses and contacts…

Seems other people find McCabe to be a person of interest besides our Tweeting bully of a president…

“There are numerous questions about the ethics and judgement of the FBI’s top leadership, particularly Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe. These new lawsuits will help Americans ‘watch the watchers’ at the powerful FBI.”