Prima Donna's In The NFL Are Headed For A Pay Cut


If they don’t quite using there day job to be political advocates…

Hurricane Maria: What...Preplanning and coordination...How novel

I stopped watching the NFL a few years ago, before the Colin Kaepernick protests. It’s such a pointless waste of time. The games aren’t even fun to watch anymore. I’ve also grown tired of cheering on wealthy crybabies because they can play a game really well. I do still like watching college football but I don’t watch it religiously. If I’m bored and there’s nothing on I’ll watch a college game, but I don’t keep up on the player stats or teams like I used to.


I do laugh at pool supporting football teams. Our paid professionals against yours. Adding icing to the cake, someone offers a million more and they are gone.


Screw the NFL. Did not watch a single game last year and will not watch again this year.


How long before the whisper campaign that Trump and white racists are the reason the NFL is a dead man walking?


Well… if you call a white disgruntled consumer ‘racist’ for changing the channel because the don’t like the program it is exactly what you will call a white anybody with a preferential choice that does not put money in a black mans pocket… Shrug…


Good. I hope masses of people see that the NFL is being used as a globalist tool to rip our freedoms off and tune it out. Get a hobby, exercise, stop watching guys throw a ball around and pat each other on the ass


It’s these over-paid athletes’ job it to play a game for entertainment, NOT to protest, which is why ESPN and the NFL have been losing money. You wouldn’t start a political protest at your job, would you? No, you would be fired, like they should be.


Or could it be because they are a bunch of overpaid babies.
Colin Kaepernick comes to mind.


It won’t be a whisper- it will be shrilled from the streets by demonstrators and the media. It isn’t Trump; it isn’t White racists: It’s non Black sick and tired of this kneeling crap.


I was an avid fan and watched as much as 3 games every Sunday BUT I refuse to watch a single game in the last 2 years . As a veteran who fought for OUR Country , never own slaves , who seen 75% of my company killed defending our nation in battle can NOT in good conscience tolerate young RICH black men be so dam disrespectful and the NFL is to frighten to correct this despicable act . I hope the NFL gets sued for trillions and ends up bankrupt with these lawsuits . And lets see where these black illiterate “college” numbskulls find work , even McDonalds has standards !


I think the NFL has already peaked & is about to begin a steady decline over the next decade anyway. I’ll get into that in a moment.

First, to address a point made on this thread, of all of the pro sports leagues, I don’t believe that NFL players are “overpaid Prima Donnas” at all. They are literally killing themselves for our entertainment.

The average career length of an NFL player is 3.3 years. They absolutely should get paid as much as they can, as quickly as they can. Particularly if they’re gonna spend the rest of their lives walking with a limp and not remembering how to get home from the corner drug store because of their CTE.

Oh, and if you’re bothered so much by how much money those uppity black athletes have, you must be really triggered by how much money those rich white NFL team owners who actually sign their paychecks have. :roll_eyes:

But back to the point I was making at the beginning of this post.

As a mom of 3 kids between the ages of 9 & 13 who are all involved in various sports and activities, I talk to a lot of parents in our community. Nobody is allowing their kids to play football anymore. The health risks are just too great. Also, because of liability reasons, fewer dads are volunteering to coach below the high school level. I was talking to a father about it at one of my son’s basketball games. He explained that he’s an accountant, not a neurologist. He has no idea how to run a kid thru a concussion protocol, nor does he want go thru the training or the have responsibility to do so.

I think this more than anything will be the end of the NFL. I also think that this process began slowly about 5-10 years ago. Colin Kaepernick’s protest or a bunch of rich black athletes isn’t the cause. Sorry racists …


Well their maybe some writing on the wall for the game but it does not explain the extreme and recent reaction to the political stunts on ESPN or a sharp drop in attendance both in stadiums and on tv since Kaepernicks patriotic outbursts while getting paid high dollars to be a professional football player. You are right, they took a high dollar propisition for a short term reward… and given that most who play professionally have little but sports announcing to fall back on I would suspect that they would treat their paying public will just a bit more respect… but contempt is the word of the day ‘Resist’:fist:t4:


Oh, stop being such a drama queen, Scott :wink:

Didn’t we have this discussion about opinions on another thread?

If you really are bothered by an act of silent political dissent from a backup QB who’s probably been hit in the head too many times, then yes, by all means, change the channel.

I’m just saying the decline has already been happening for a few years now.


I think back to the old NHL.

Read an article on how much they made back then. A pitiful amount however thy didn’t have ESPN, Cable back then to boost revenues. Howe said he did it because he loved the game.

Mr. Hockey lived to 88 without many of his teeth.


I have and it would appear that because of the contagious nature of those concussion’s that a significant number of others have as well… The sport may be changing as you say but the fact is, their is a serious rift in what some people think is socially acceptable … since, as we say of our public servants,… we pay their wages.

I wouldn’t and don’t mind the discussion but just as people say that Trump is enabling bad behavior, these… ‘rollmodels’, send a message to the street thugs who seem to be taking ever greater liberties with the generosity of the funding public…

And I will be a drama queen if I want… and you Mx Jan… will just have to be entertained by it…:joy:


If you hate this country SO much, then why the are you still here?! Morons.


He has their heads exploding today.


The Democrats, Goodell, BLM players, ESPN, and the NFL owners have all dug in on the anthem protests. The fans will not be forgiving and will not forget. Trump tapped into his base on this patriotic issue. Absolutely brilliantly timed comments. BLM eats it.


Good - let all of America see just how un-American these dirtbags are. The NFL is supposed to be a professional league. I don’t want to hear political commentary from a bunch of jerks who can barely string two sentences together. I hope the NFL goes out of business.