Prima Donna's In The NFL Are Headed For A Pay Cut


The way you market an idea is probably more determinant of success than the idea itself. Black players could be very powerful with game time PSA’s that indeed Black Lives Matter too!

Instead, you have Kapernik’s socks with police officers with pig’s heads- this really muddles the message. Now the protests are for every time a Black man dies fighting a cop.

The ‘heroes’ are all wrong, the rampant tweets and posts mocking ‘wypipo rules’ and the ‘no justice no peace’ (trans: until we get whatever we demand, we’ll make trouble, and get violent) - only make legitimate concerns over police shootings look like a con.

Whether you agree with Kapernick, etc. or not, the message being sent is not 'Black Lives Matter Too, please join us, we need you" - it is rather F— you pigs, and any Whitey M-----F—er who likes cops!

I stopped watching pro sports long ago; I just lost interest in watching other men play child’s games, but I think the NFL is going to suffer a much faster decline than it would otherwise even accounting for CTE, etc.


It seems that owners and white players have joined the game so’s to speak… I’m thinking that it just might be an own goal when they run out on the field of an otherwise empty stadium and networks drop coverage because of the lack of viewer-ship and advertisers rebel at the antics and pull their support because they no longer have the audience… I have fresh popcorn…


I am, as they say here in Britain, Gobsmacked !! I had to add this to my comments for its relevance. CNN actually did a op-ed that has some reasonable resonance. I doesn’t deal with Trumps intervention in the issue but it goes absolutely to the heart and hypocrisy of the problem that the NFL has created for itself…


I’m almost in a state of disbelief. An article and opinion from CNN that I actually agree with. That for posting that!

You’re right all of this could have been avoided if the NFL (as an employer) had just came out and said YOU WILL instead of whatever meaningless gibberish it was that came outta Goodell’s mouth.


And in the end not one of the kiddies are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Kneel and they walk off the field and refuse to play until thy get the change they want.


But he’s a white guy and is privileged

Hats off to you and God Bless


Here’s the video. Really great to see one member of the team does not hate the country that he fought for and that has given him so much.


Whoever wanted to hear political commentary from an apprentice beauty pageant king?


And in the end we all get to choose.

You can accept the NFL for what it is or you can just say no and tune the NFL out.

Demean the president all you want and we all get to chose how we react to you as well.


Oh just the 60+ million people that voted for him…


Lot of buyers remorse there now to. Still pathetic approval rating.


Probably a higher approval rating than the NFL or congress. Just saying.


The NFL, can disappear tomorrow and who would care. Besides, that’s bad when the president needs to be compared so.


Why is that when somebody protests over something you guys disagree with they hate America, but if they want to March in the streets with their torches and Hitler symbols and slogans, along with their white separatist/supremists buddies, it’s just fine?


The progressive forces of identity politics started this poisoning of America’s favorite spectator sport last year by making a hero of Colin Kaepernick for refusing to stand for “The Star-Spangled Banner” before games. They raised the stakes this year by turning him into a progressive martyr because no team had picked him up to play quarterback after he opted out of his contract with the San Francisco 49ers.

Americans don’t begrudge athletes their free-speech rights—see the popularity of Charles Barkley —but disrespecting the national anthem puts partisanship above a symbol of nationhood that thousands have died for. Players who chose to kneel shouldn’t be surprised that fans around the country booed them on Sunday.

But now the players want to be politicians and use their fame to lecture other Americans, the parsons of the press corps want to make them moral spokesmen.

And the proof positive the players want to be politicians and use their fame to lecture other Americans are all hypocrites, not one of the players who took a knee has refused to play, not 1 player who took a knee donated his paycheck.


When you have entire organizations dedicated to doing nothing but berate and demean not only the president but the actual foundations of this country, what do you expect… I bet you could do a CNN sponsored poll and find that 75% of America don’t like the deplorable either. Its till the first year… he was fairly well versed on the game when he went to Washington, now he is getting better at the ‘appearance’ of the game.

Actually he is doing what needed to be done long time ago… We are have a discuss, open and raw as it is, about those ‘values’ that the left like to somehow claim the moral high ground on. We are talking about real racism, the snowflake character of our young people, the rewriting of history. People want to blame Trump for the racial divisions that exist in the US today… I guess some of the amored left didn’t hear the discontent over race relations while Obama was president.

Their are people who are wrong and wrong headed on all sides of the social argument but that is what happens when the government feels it has the right to dictate social mores rather than society working it out for it self… It many look ugly but it is making people talk and that is good.

The real division in the US is over its existence… that of course is the real political issue… communism and globalism vs the nation state and capitalism. That is the real issue that divides us… the communist has had a good run in the world but you see all over the world a growing rebellion to the hardheaded government and the globalist agenda…


Well, the puffery game never ends…


Who said it was just fine?.. Everyone regardless has a right to a peaceful soapbox… the NFL are currently standing on theirs. Who pays attention to them is what their free speech is worth. Their would have been no problem in Charlottesville if the ‘opposition’ hadn’t come to throw them off of the soap box. Its not a matter of siding with anyone. The NFL players have made a stand, I would be horrified at a stadium of irrate fans jumping on the field and pummeling these guys… but because I don’t believe in the time or place of their message, I would hope that the people who actually pay their wages, turn their backs and the can take up their fallback job… if they ever planned on one… and then they could get a regular wage and stop being prima donnas…


Bet you can’t demonstrate that. :joy::joy::joy:


What I find crazy about this whole thing is the criticism that an elected politician shouldn’t be voicing his opinion on a political matter, but professional athletes should.


Yeah… Seems to me that presidents in some fashion or another have been using the bully pulpit for most of the nations history. I am actually delighted that he has started this war of words. Conservatives by their nature are live and let live and even though they could easily see the fallacy of the 1964 Civil Rights act as being nothing more than the antithesis of Plessy v Ferguson, they kind of accepted the fact that private business was now brought to heal regardless of their views… but recently the left have started to use the very same kinds of tactics that the ill considered socially engineer provisions of that act were suppose to prevent… Decent by business. Well, it seems that a CEO lost his job because he donated money to a cause the business didn’t like… before he even joined the business. We have a person fired for a dissenting opinion and we have things like the NFL protecting the right of some to make a statement while forbidding other… like the Cowboys who wanted to support the assassinated Dallas police officers. I recently read an article about a northwest store posting a sign that they refuse to serve anyone who voted for Trump and of course we now have blacks demanding segregated facilities and black only business.

Yes, I am glad that the president has started this full throated and boisterous exchange… Its about time we have a real discussion about how just who and how social values are created… and it is about damn time we take the discussion out of the hands of government and put it back in the purview of people… who they serve, who they hire, who their neighbors are… and just what constitutions a patriotic America…

In other news: The National Labour Conference is in full swing and they are roundly patting themselves on the back that ‘Britain now has the Socialist party it has always dreamed of having’…