Prima Donna's In The NFL Are Headed For A Pay Cut


I find it entertaining that pfunky always seems to pop up when the subject turns to big black men.


Oh please, get a grip.


I’m not certain that I would touch either of those last two comments… :blush:


The passion of partisanship is now so great, that we seem determined to misunderstand each other.
Dislike protests that take the flag or the national anthem as their object?
Well, you must really only object to powerful statements of anti-racism.
Cheering on the protesting players?
You must think your current partisanship transcends the importance of our country and all those who sacrificed for it.

I wonder how much farther we can fall as a nation. Are we as a country that uninformed or naive to not see how we are being manipulated.


Well, we are but I think that between the 1964 civil rights act that removed private ownership of private business, one of the major avenues of voicing our values was close… that primarily affect conservatives. When those same conservatives sought to voice their opinions in public, they were shut down with political correctness and name calling. The pot in that regard is beginning to boil over… Trump is a manifestation of that.

We need this dialogue… its not pleasant but we need it. Not to trivialize it because it is important that we hash out what social and moral values our country actually stands for, but I think the manipulation is that it is a distraction. The real issue in the US is… are we a socialist nation? Do we believe that socialism actually creates a better society? The left and as we see of late, an element of the right, just do not want to have that discussion… because backtracking on this socialist path rests power away from the state and gives it back to people… The state objects…


The conversation will be a bit limited with the upcoming generations as they have not been schooled in socialist values and examples excluding the free part. How may millennial today can talk about Venezuela?? Their history and the end result in their experiment? Many would find it difficult to find on a map.

If you look at media today they are great at extolling the virtues of national healthcare yet there is virtually zero information on the cost or Federal run healthcare, the end result of rationing or the quality. Just the it’s less expensive story line. Hence the outcry from th Sanderites.

People are being manipulated on the left and right creating more polarization as it serves as a great way to detract from the dealings of both parties.


And the inconsistency in the NFL:

After the murders of five Dallas police officers in July, the Dallas Cowboys asked the NFL if players could wear a decal on their helmets commemorating the officers’ sacrifice.
In this case, the NFL did not support its players when they wanted to see change in society. When the Cowboys wanted to send the message that police officers should not be hunted and assassinated, the NFL gave a clear answer: no.

Yes, that’s the same Roger Goodell that stands by players right to protest.



That figures that civil rights/civil liberties would be lost on the alt right. American artists and athletes have a long history of protesting against abuses against humanity and civil liberties when abroad and that’s very unlikely to change.


Not that you bothered to actually address the comment that he made…


Apparently the NFL isn’t moved by that. Did you happen to catch Terry Bradshaw’s schooling of the TIC?


Perhaps if they were protesting something that was a pervasive reality. Isolated incidents of police brutality do not a truth make.

The benefit of the doubt must always be given to police officers at least until such time that we no longer ask them to chase down car thieves and gang-bangers through hostile territory at 3 a. m. If there is any part of a police shooting that someone can claim/invent/stretch to insinuate police abuse, it will be done, and the media will swallow it like cold beer on a hot day.


They won’t crash and burn in a weekend… people already had tickets… season ticket holders will get no refunds but I see that Nielson gave them a pretty good hit for tv viewers. It will take a little time for them to understand that actions have consequences… of course if they really had any guts they would quit playing until their ‘demands’ are met… Good luck with that…


That benefit to which you speak is quite subjective A, and 2, you lack sufficient authority to tell any American when or how he must protest abuses.


You are correct of course that anyone can peacefully protest whenever and where ever they want… the consequences however are also theirs to absorb.


Read my post again- and point out where I commanded others as to how or when to protest.


I did and I did. I said nothing about “commanded”, but you dismissed their grievances and reasons for protesting by suggesting that if only they had something reasonable to protest about it would therefore of merit. Again, that’s not for you to decide.


I’m obviously not deciding it for them, am I… I am merely commenting on what I feel are the questionable merits of the protest.

Disagreement is always welcome; condescension is not.


You dismissed their reason for protesting when you should be defending it. It’s not big of anyone to support only the protests with which they agree, but even that which they don’t agree.


I personally don’t have a problem with their right to protest but I’ll be damned if I buy a ticket to a movie only to have some aggrieved person jump up in front of the screen, disrespect me and expect me to just support his ‘right’. They have every right to do what they have done… no objections… they also have the right to receive other peoples objections to the way they go about it… If a protest, regardless the grievance, is to garner support, then you pick your venue carefully. I think that they picked the wrong audience…