Prima Donna's In The NFL Are Headed For A Pay Cut


Btw, I’ve never even understood why so many folk have their knickers in a knot over this anyway. The rules of flag respect/etiquette don’t demand that one stand, one is indeed obliged to face it, and every time I see a picture of the line up and two or three players are on their knees, it’s always struck me as a far more humble and contrite pose than standing there anyway. Can’t figure out why the TIC thinks these men are disrespecting anything, or why anybody would care at all when he wonders off into the weeds as he is now???


The NFL will get a slight ratings bump from the curiosity of the proles who will tune in to see the trained seals take a knee.

After that the ratings, saleries, and owners profits will begin a steady decline.

Can anyone provide a list of NFL TV sponsors that I can begin to ignore and boycott?

I’ll begin here:


They wouldn’t be doing it if it didn’t so some form of discourtesy… besides… this weekend I saw one guy stretching and a whole team bar one who couldn’t even show up…


Villanueva has highest selling jersey already!!! Shove it up your asses you commie liberals.


Can’t find the connection between “commie liberals” and American civil liberties, shrug.


I wonder if anyone remembers when the NFL told the Dallas Cowboys they weren’t allowed to honor slain police…if not don’t worry, that’s what I’m here for.


Nor can I… but damned if they don’t try to make some kind of patriotic association…


I may be late to the game with this because I haven’t followed closely enough, but…

I want to point out how perfect the 'take a knee" protest is for football in the current context. My son plays in a youth league. In youth football, taking a knee is a sign of respect for an injured player on the field. All players wait quietly until it is determined that the injured player can get up on their own, at which point everyone claps. The point being that the game can go on, but both teams are behind recovery.

Kneeling during the anthem is a sign of respect for an inured flag, with the hope and confidence of healing. It is a perfect American way to signal that something is wrong, but you are working together to make it right.


There you have it. It’s the ultimate posture of respect. Where is the rub to Trump?


Well, you can call it the ultimate posture of respect or you could call it a long standing behavior of the game. But the fact is, once again… they have the right to ‘protest’ (and it was a protest… it is a protest… not a sign of respect for anything), but they also have the right to suffer the consequences. No one says that they don’t necessarily have a legitimate grip… fans are saying clearly, that where they choose to protest, is inappropriate. Now businesses are willing to take a hit on principle… I guess its going to be a case of seeing who yells ‘Uncle’ first… my bet that these high payed players aren’t use to street wages and many didn’t bother with studying for a backup anyway…


But the TIC called them sons a bitches!


Such a thoughtful perspective. Our conservative friends have so much to learn. Thank you for sharing that. Uplifting and beautiful!


Btw, the right keeps stating that your first amendment rights are on hold when you’re clocked in. Amazing how flippant partisans are when the constitution doesn’t prop up their own bigotry.


So we are all taking a knee for colin kapernick’s injured career? Oh boy thats gonna take a long long time.


Donald John, aka TIC, tweeted 16 times over the weekend. 12 times about the NFL, once about North Korea, and NOT ONE TIME about the pain and suffering in Puerto Rico. More important to him to pick a fight with football players exercising their constitutional rights.


And the fans give the NFL the middle finger:

Here are the top markets for last night’s SNF:

D.C. — 23.3/40
Richmond — 22.1/33
Norfolk — 19.8/31
Sacramento — 17.5/32
S.F./Oakland — 17.2/35
New Orleans — 17.2/24
Denver — 16.2/27
Buffalo — 15.4/24
Kansas City — 14.8/24
Las Vegas — 14.5/23
UPDATE, 9:17 AM: The results of next week will likely give us a better perspective if it was the widespread political protests by NFL players or a lopsided win by the Washington Redskins over the Oakland Raiders that brought Sunday Night Football’s ratings down last night.

Regardless, with metered market numbers displaying an 8% dip, the fast affiliate results for last night aren’t providing a Hail Mary for NBC or the ratings-challenged league. In non-adjusted numbers, last night’s SNF delivered a 5.3/19 among adults 18-49 and 14.5 million viewers. In the 8:30-11 PM slot, that puts the Washington-Oakland game on the East Coast down 17% in the key demo from the Week 2 matchup between the Atlanta Falcons and Green Bay Packers.

Viewershipwise, last night’s game is currently taking a 21% hit from the fast affiliates of the September 17 game, which was down 14% from the Season opener of September 10.

None of which will induce an end zone dance for the net or the league in a season already seeing double-digit declines from the 2016-2017 season – itself down from the previous year.


Kissy kiss,

How thoughtful.

Injured flag, should we send it to the hospital or just replace it with your flag, the hammer and sickle?




No. And football fans aren’t going away either. They’ll get but hurt for a minute not understanding what’s at play, but they’ll be there for the sport.


The injured career is over.

When your a poor at best player no one wants you.