Prima Donna's In The NFL Are Headed For A Pay Cut


Confirmed! The Owner of the Dallas Cowboys is a CUCK


What, why would you say that???



I find protesting at a football game to be in poor form, but the Cowboys did not disrespect the flag nor the anthem, which is more than I can say for a lot of other teams.


Nope. They cucked. This was worse than those who just kneeled to begin with. The Dallas Cowboys had it right, and then they just blew it. That pisses people off even more.


Nice story, but I doubt very much that’s the symbology intended. Kind of like believing the UBUNTU story*

If it were presented that way first by ‘Pig Socks’ Krapernick, then by the other players- the nation- me included, would be sympathetic. But it wasn’t-- for the same reason ‘BLM’ was not BLMT (BLMToo). In both cases the message has been one of hatred for the police, and disdain for White people in general, White males especially.

These movements do not have the heft of the Civil Rights marches of the 60’s in part because Blacks are no longer subject to racist laws, but mostly because the movements do not invite discussion, or support, or critical thinking- they instead demand with disdain, and are a sham of false shaming.

If you add to that the uncontrollable desire for every liberal to condescendingly tell others what they ‘should’ think, do or say, and if people support the President for reasons unrelated to his juvenile tweeting, liberals decry them to be the worst humans in history.

*Our preacher waxes quite liberal, and cares more about the kids he patronizes in Uganda than the local poor. He related during a sermon, watching kids who were each given a bowl of rice at lunchtime, and they would fight viciously to try to get some of their neighbor’s rice as well - UBUNTU my butt.


I suppose this is why they left have such a skewed reading of the constitution… Many read the word ‘Shall’ and think ‘May’… others read ‘Can’ and think it says ‘Must’.

Yes… ‘Authority to Tell’ does have strong connotations of the ability to command…


Sometimes actions speak louder than words… People from the Governor on down have already praised Trump for his response in helping the people of Puerto Rico… as have the governors of Florida, Texas and Louisiana… Can’t say that ever happened on the watches of Bush or Obama…


GAWD you know so much… it is such a thrill to have your insights… do bad you don’t respond to me… but actually it makes life easy for me… I always get the last word even if what I give is a less than adequate comment…:wink:

PS… that is precisely the attitude that ESPN had… Disney is loosing money because of their political grand standing.


The national anthem is not about reverence or even so much about respect… it is about pride… something a large number of ‘Americans’ seem to be lacking in… of course when you walk around hating yourself, you are bound to hate everything around you.


Psst… while I don’t think that it should be part of our laws…but it is a part of our laws… Check out 36 USC Sec 301… So quit being deceitful in making your case…


What Steve, I mean John fails to realize,

The president can say whatever he likes.

The players, team owners and NFL can do what ever they want.

The media can blather on and continue to tell you what to think.

In the end we get to choose.
We can agree with the demonstrations.
We can watch and ignore the politicization of football.
We can say enough is enough and turn to off, refuse to support professional (what they call themselves) football.

We and only we are the final arbitrators in the current game.


Well, you are correct to some extent in this particular instance as player performance drives the key hires but owners regardless of their beliefs and values are hard pressed to deny employment to, for instance, a black player with a hostile attitude… first of all because it is against the law to even ask… but they are instead captured by the laws that force a private business to hire people they might otherwise reject… When private business can hire and fire who they want… can over service to whoever they want… then we will be able on a broad scale to say that the people have the right to decide…


The people/fans/viewers have the right to decide whether to support the laughable NFL or not regardless of who they over pay to bang heads with another over paid buffoon.


Oh, I don’t disagree… sports and entertainment are a slightly different kettle of fish… but the Cake maker and the Hobby Lobby, operate under much different constraints… But I see cracks… the CEO fired for contributing to a political belief the had even before he was hired… a person working for Google fired because he vocalized a value different from the country… A group of students that demand separate accommodations because of their race… States that were yesterday opposed to nullification of federal law all of a sudden embracing these concepts … Yes, I do see hopeful cracks in the concept of the ‘United State of America’…


I don’t know. Seems some who run the pageants want to lead with loaded questions and then get upset of they don’t get the answer that they like.


HA HA true some white women want to mother very black man alive ! :laughing::laughing:


Could just be that not all Americans are scared like the racists are!


This would be a good survey of the kneeling athletic class… have you even registered to vote… If the answer is no then I would assume that you just like to bitch and not really participate…


Why… have you had a black man yourself?.. Milo has apparently but the left still call him a racist… It doesn’t take much for some to yank out that word and slap people with it… from what I have seen from the left… ‘libtard’ is almost affectionate in nature compared with the vile they spew regularly… Sometimes when they talk… its just implied… the left are quit fond of implied things… they have hitched their constitutional horse to implied powers long ago and look where it has gotten us… :roll_eyes: