Pro-immigration and profuse criticism of Western society - a performative contradiction


Performative contradictions occur when the content of our statement is incongruous with the presuppositions that the statement entails. For example, if I were to pronounce, “I am dead”, then I would be stuck in a performative contradiction, for the very act of making pronouncements presupposes a certain state of being that is at odds with the content of my statement, namely, that of not being dead.

I believe that those who heap scorn on Western societies and denounce them as evil, while vigorously defending the rights of immigrants from non-Western societies, are stuck in a similar kind of contradiction. We constantly hear that Western society is plagued with misogyny, racism, homophobia, and a host of other ostensibly reprehensible phenomena. Rape cultures, we are told, are the norm in many a Western country. There is, we are further told, a stark divide between the enfranchised and the disenfranchised; the haves and the have nots; the privileged and the oppressed. Prospects to remedy the situation are often presented as rather dim. These phenomena are, as it were, intertwined into the very fabric of the institutions upon which our society is founded. We are, in other words, sick to the core.

Yet all of this doesn’t stop people from promoting the arrival of even more people to Western societies. People who, given the circumstances, will usually be at the very bottom of the social totem pole, and thus likely to suffer from the aforementioned problems inasmuch as they exist. And the problems, lest we forget, are presumably ubiquitous.

Vehemently condemning the Western world leads to the conclusion that the Western world is bad. But, promoting the arrival of people to the Western world entails the presupposition that the Western world is, in fact, good, otherwise there would be no point in encouraging others to come. Indeed, it would even be morally questionable to do so.


Too broad a brush. The Western World has made incalculable contributions to the health and welfare of the world, and has made huge strides in lifting people up, often out of poverty in myriad ways. If you want to talk about the Western World being bad, there are specifics that would support that too. The Western World tends to be composed of the freest countries, democratic republics and democratic socialists etc., But with freedom comes responsibility, and some individuals and governments are more responsible than others.