PROGRESS! Baby Trump Balloon Soars in the UK


Imagine how the left would attack us as childish if there was a Hillary in a shitty underwear balloon flying over London or one of Pepe.

Also, this balloon is 10’ tall tops. Maybe impressive for a backyard birthday party, but not much else.

Although, if Trump bought the blimp, had a MAGA hat added to the baby’s head, and “Trump 2020” painted on the diaper. Then he could fly it over the White House as a campaigning visual aid.


This is great for us. That pic is basically one giant redpill for the masses. It’s literally a recreation of this.


Why would the left attack “you” if there was a diapered HRC flying over London?


Yep, it’s even better than that pic of that demon tranny reading to children. 2020 is in the bag. I hope they keep this up. More freaks and degenerates front and center.


There are reports that something like 10,000 protesters are present. Why should I care if filthy foreigners like or dislike my president?

I wouldn’t care if there was a million or a billion protesting him. We tell them what to do. That’s how this arrangement works.


An anti tranny gay group hijacked one of the planned protests. These groups are literally cannibalizing themselves.


Here’s a Sky News live feed. The leftists are melting down.


What the hell does London and the brits have to do with 2020???


You don’t tell ANYBODY what to do.


…what the fuck is bongland turning into.

I want it to get nuked…are those even humans?


Thanks for the weather report…


2018…still doesn’t understand how live feeds work.


Just imagining being around these people makes me want to puke. The smell. Imagine the smell. Ick. Fucking disgusting.


LIBERALS !!! :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


[quote=“Montecresto1, post:3, topic:9500”]
Why would the left attack “you” if there was a diapered HRC flying over London?

Get out of mom’s basement and THINK !!! :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:


The only one losing here is Drumpf LMAO, you really think people will vote for a white man once he’s done with office? We’ll only get Black/Hispanic/Native/♀️female presidents and it’s all thanks to you whiteboys. Losing once then winning forever.


Re the massive red pill- satire is always on point… from the Onion:


Oh… I don’t know… because you only have to say your support to get your ass kicked appearance… Holding a control line for a large balloon would only infuriate the left to even more violence…


The world and all of America get to watch the left melt down very publicly and act like the children they claim Trump to be. I particularly liked the way the US press took the Sun interview and twisted damn near every comment Trump made to mean something else… of course the left absorbed the trash like a sponge and acted accordingly… All of these leftist generated temper tantrums work to the determent of democrats in 2020…


Well, he shouldn’t have been a Trump supporter…JK.
Read my post again, I was talking to Nuke Africa and asking why HE would be attacked if there was a diapered HRC flying over London.