Pros and Cons of Technology?

Sixty plus years ago, most children were playing with a stick and a ball. They were
outside getting plenty of exercise throughout the day. They would sit down at a table with their family to eat dinner. They would socialize with their friends and family.

Now fast forward to today. America is one of the fattest nations, and kids would rather stay in and play on their video games, then go outside and exercise or get fresh air. A lot of people bring their cell phones to the table, and even text and talk while at the table.
Children especially would rather text their friends, even if they’re in the same room with than, than talk to them directly.

Medically I think that the advance technology wise are great!
What are some of the Pros and Cons that you can think of technology?

Well, the biggest pro in my opinion is how technology has made our lives easier in many ways. If we need a quick answer to a question we can simply ask Alexa, Google voice or whatever and get an answer. GPS has made it easier to find places you are looking for in unfamiliar areas. There are many, many examples of how technology has made our lives easier and perhaps fun and interesting at times.

The downsides are many as well. It’s made some people lazier and less social. As you said, some would rather be text messaging than having a conversation with the family at the dinner table. When people are out in public they are using their phones to text, use social media or whatever, at places where people gather to wait for public transportation they often don’t even look up from their phones, smile or acknowledge anyone else around them. I can remember the days when even strangers talked to one another in public, even if it was just small talk about the weather. That seldom happens now.

Also social media has expanded our world but certainly has pros and cons as well. The worst is the anonymity has made it easier for people to troll and sometimes say awful things. They wouldn’t dream of doing it in person, but they will on social media.

Technology has made our lives easier, but at what cost?
People get lazy with it. To much power in the wrong hands is bad.
An example is Google, and them being able to get information from peoples phones.
Personal information.

Oh yeah, that is another big downside. We are tracked not only by Google but Facebook and other sites. But we are very addicted to our gadgets and don’t want to be without them.

Of course Google is used as the default in many operating systems as well.

I also believe that it dumbs down our mentality. Since we have technology to give us all the answers, we stop using our brains to figure things out for ourselves. It isn’t going anywhere and it’s only going to get worse so we need to learn how to adapt to it.

Google is one of the biggest search engines used by most people throughout America.

Liberal Democrats control it, and that is actually what amazes me!
Even with all of that information about every person throughout America, they still couldn’t
beat President Trump! hahaha lol. Poor Hillary. Her voters are still whining and crying about it. lol.

There is lot of truth to what you’re saying about finding the answers for question using google.

But the question is are they the right answers. :wink:

It is definitely going to get worse, and that is the sad part.
I think that it would look something like this. lol.

Well sure, but the left also controls YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, most media, and most entertainment. Awards shows now are very political. Even regular TV shows often insert left wing politics into it.

and they assume of course that everyone watching is a leftist like themselves. They mock conservatives and Christians.

It’s almost amazing when you think of it that Republicans win anything.

I think that without the internet telling people all of the answers, people would be a lot more stupid than what they really act like they’re. lol.

I wasn’t even talking about Google. I was speaking about technology in general.

It’s Google. They’re stealing all your passwords and all your personal info.

How are they ever right? lol.

This is very true. It is very amazing that the Republicans win anything.

Now Trump on the other hand, I’m not so shocked that he wins, because
he obviously surrounds himself with people who win on a regular basis.
The Dem Dems are still baffled by him, and have no idea how to beat him.

Let’s just say, I wouldn’t bet against him. lol.

EASY: Gates is a Pro - and Jobs was a Con.

The problem with technology is its unintended consequences. Everytime technology is created it solves one problem and then creates another. here are some examples of different types of technology years apart.

The early 1960s and the use of DDT to stop the spread of Malaria - it worked, but it also poisoned the food chain.

Today, social media improved communications but provided a means for undermining the democratic process.

Refrigerators enabled food to be stored longer to make it last longer and therefore introduce efficiency - today more than 40% of their food in America is wasted.

Gates was a shrewd businessman no different than Steve Jobs. He made a great purchase of DOS and just marketed it well and sold licenses to it. He didn’t invent anything. He bought some home brew software and had a good business model.

Unfortunately, many areas of technology offer a more efficient means of moving backwards. Every action has an equal & opposite reaction. No one really needs a new I Phone every 6 months. I use a simple cell phone; and I use it to occasionally make phone calls. The rest of my life, I live. Too often markets are created for the slow witted. Effortless to manipulate easily amused people with unnecessary gadgets. I feel sorry that my grand kids will never get to see the America I grew up in. It was magical. Now if I said, I am anti technology, I would be lying through my teeth. Certain advances do benefit mankind; but everything must be weighed. I see a lot of medicines that are “fast tracked” to the market. Some side effects are scary, and since too little time is allowed for proper testing, many side effects don’t pop up for several years. I mean, some meds, you gotta be in perfect health just to tolerate them. Like: My arthritis has subsided because of a new wonder drug; but now I have projectile diarrhea, constant drooling, a third testicle, and my teeth are beginning to fall out. But my hip joints are doing well.

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So which is it? Will your grandchildren grow up in a communist or neo-nazi state? Right or left?

Neither: We weren’t silly enough to bring more kids into the world in its current state. Already too many kids and not enough parents. Maybe we’ll adopt more than a dog eventually, but probably not. Darwin’s survival of the fittest will give way to the survival of the richest. AT some point Millenials will be running things. You think things are bad now…As soon as something happens that an APP can’t fix we doomed.

You should read my book - JFK’s Data Race You and he are right on point. There is a full chapter on nature and nurture and Charles Darwin and man’s relationship with technology. As one of Darwin’s critics said …

“If a monkey has a man become, what is to become of man?”

Its all about evolution or revolution, There were the Birmingham riots in 1963 and Charlottesville in 2017. Sadly I don’t see the equivalent of a Civil Rights Act in 1964 coming our way today to solve the problem. History is repeating itself (1961 - 1963 and 2016 - 2018) and the U.S.A. has some serious problems coming its way.